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WNB March 2013


WBlog March 15, 2013

NRA’s Keene: Democrats Shocked by Support for Second Amendment

Keene was in Albany recently following the passage of expanded gun control in New York. There, he witnessed more than 10,000 people braving the rain to protest the expanded laws, which he believes sent a strong message to the president and Democrats.

“There are rallies like that all over the country. Members of Congress are receiving lots of letters. It’s clear the narrative that the president tried to construct was wrong. That’s the reason a lot of what [Obama] proposed is being slowed down,” Keene said.

- Good job to those of you who are truly involved. But it will ultimately take more than letter writing and showing up at rallies with a sign. For those of you who aren't involved, may you suffer horribly in this world for your apathy. You fully deserve it.

Leftist Prayers for a Red Pope Dashed

With the selection of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, the liberals have lost out. He opposes abortion, euthanasia, and homosexuality. A Catholic insider tells me, “Looks like we might have ourselves a relatively conservative new pope. He appears to be opposed to liberation theology and doesn’t approach ‘social justice’ from the political end.” The latter means that while he is an advocate of helping the poor, he doesn’t believe this should be done through state socialist schemes.

Liberal and “progressive” websites are already attacking the first Latin American pope as someone who may have a “dark past” and be linked to the Argentine military during the “dirty war” against the communists. The accusations, which have now been picked up by the Associated Press, show the bitterness of the left, as their hopes were dashed of a “Red Pope.”

- They're not 'leftists.' They're communists and they're evil. Calling them leftists allows them to hide their evil behind a name they contrived. When is western civilization going to learn to say "screw the commies" and kick them out of our countries?

Intimidation is what we need...


"There are always going to be evil people...." and they'll keep getting elected as long as we allow ignorant sheeple to vote. It's time to require proof of citizenship, literacy in English and a test that proves they understand our history and the form of government we're supposed to have here: extremely limited.

We need to be intimidating our blood domestic enemies and getting the message across to them that we are finished tolerating their evil.

Validity of “A Reconstruction of Regional and Global Temperature for the Past 11,300 Years”

The news media has exploded with extraordinary claims of ‘unprecedented global warming’ asserted in a paper “A Reconstruction of Regional and Global Temperature for the Past 11,300 Years” by Marcott, Shakun, Clark, and Mix in Science. A NY Times headline reads “Global Temperatures Highest in 4,000 Years,” and proclaims that global warming will “surpass levels not seen on the planet since before the last ice age.”


They arrived at these conclusions by “reconstructing regional and global temperature anomalies for the past 11,300 years from 73 globally distributed records” “largely derived from marine archives (~80%),” including paleoclimate temperature proxies such as alkenone, planktonic foraminifera Mg/Ca 23, fossil pollen, ice-core stable isotopes, and Mann et al. (2008) tree ring reconstructions. Although a list of sources of the data from the 73 sites is provided in an appendix, nowhere is any real data presented, so assessing the validity or accuracy of the original data is not possible without digging out all of the source papers.

- Lies, damned lies, and statistics...

Illinois governor wants appeal of concealed carry ruling

Quinn, a Chicago Democrat who favors strict gun control including an assault weapons ban, said violence has been an "epidemic" in parts of the state and Illinois should be the nation's leader in keeping the concealed carry ban in place.

- The 'epidemic' is the plague of "Liberalism"(communism) that we allow to infest our government and other institutions. Until we develop the resolve to do what will be required nothing will get better.

It's not an impulse...


It's planned pre-mediated attack, it's war. And it's not a 'constitutional' right. It's a natural born right to fight back against and kill if necessary those who would further enslave us. The Bill of Rights was written to force the governments to acknowledge this, not 'allow' it. With 'friends' like these we don't need enemies.

Schumer's 'Background Check' Bill Criminalizes Most Gun Loans and Registers Firearms

Ed Stone at the Examiner actually read the "Fix Gun Checks Act of 2013," for which he deserves credit, and warns that, "[i]n short, the bill is designed to land you in federal prison." Unfortunately, that's really not an exaggeration in a bill that most of the press, like CNN, is simply billing as "legislation ... that would expand background checks covering all U.S. firearms sales." But Schumer's S. 374 does so much more. It requires background checks through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) via a federally licensed dealer, with some exceptions, for any transfer that "shall include a sale, gift, loan, return from pawn or consignment, or other disposition."


If you want to try a buddy's gun, it has to be:

at a shooting range located in or on premises owned or occupied by a duly incorporated organization organized for conservation purposes or to foster proficiency in firearms and the firearm is, at all times, kept within the premises of the shooting range


at a target firearm shooting competition under the auspices of or approved by a State agency or nonprofit organization and the firearm is, at all times, kept within the premises of the shooting competition

- We are dealing with walking breathing trash. Unless we start dealing with it as the trash it is and holding treason trials and executions for it this country has no future.

Arkansas: House Committee Passes Bill to Protect Firearm Retailers

...the House Judiciary Committee passed House Bill 1503. Introduced by state Representative Justin Harris (R-81), HB 1503 would protect lawful firearm retailers from illegal gun sting operations such as those deceptively orchestrated by billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Anti-gun extremist Bloomberg has sent hired agents into other states to attempt illegal firearm purchases in an effort to blame federally licensed firearm retailers for gun crime in New York City and around the country.

I trust the government...


...to do all the evil it's capable of.

But that may not last for long. The CIA World Factbook says we're the most broke nation on the planet.

After Admitting Failure, UN Targets U.S. and Demands Expanded Drug War

Gathered at the 56th session of the UN “Commission on Narcotic Drugs” (UN CND), which runs March 11-15, self-styled international “authorities” and national governments discussed the fact that, despite trillions of taxpayer dollars spent and hundreds of thousands killed in recent decades, the prevalence of illegal drug usage was not decreasing. Rather than rethinking the controversial global war, as many prominent critics have suggested, the assembled drug warriors insisted that more and more war was necessary.

Unsurprisingly, UN officials also claimed they needed more money and power to fight and lead the so-called “war on drugs.” Among the top targets this year are the United States, which — despite slavish devotion to waging and financing the deadly UN war around the world — has increasingly defied UN drug treaties at the state level. Indeed, almost two dozen states have nullified unconstitutional federal statutes and UN treaties by legalizing marijuana for recreational or medicinal use.

Montana Legislature Passes Gun Control Nullification Bill

The key portion of HB 302 reads:

A peace officer, state employee, or employee of any political subdivision is prohibited from enforcing, assisting in the enforcement of, or otherwise cooperating in the enforcement of a federal ban on semiautomatic weapons or large magazines and is also prohibited from participating in any federal enforcement action implementing a federal ban on semiautomatic weapons or large magazines.


This past Monday, on March 11, the Idaho House of Representatives approved 55-13 a bill prohibiting the enforcement of any ban or restriction on the ownership of a semiautomatic firearm or any magazine within the state's borders. House Bill 219, the “Idaho Federal Firearm, Magazine and Register Ban Enforcement Act,” would make it a felony to confiscate the firearm or magazine of a law abiding citizen who has not committed a crime and is legally residing within the state borders of Idaho.

Idaho's HB 219 would also provide criminal penalties of up to $1,000 in fines and a year in jail to any official, agent or employee of the state of Idaho, or any of its political subdivisions, caught enforcing any such federal restriction, regulation, or confiscation of semiautomatic firearms and magazines.

- As they mention, several states, as well as Kentucky, have similar legislation in process. While good propaganda, unless they forbid federal agents from enforcing these laws within their borders, with real penalties, as in treason and execution for such and the resolve to enforce such, it's all just so much protest.

Do you feel like a menace?



The SPLC Is At It Again

The SPLC is such a paranoid, extremist, ultra-liberal organization it would seem that only those who are the most biased and prejudiced in their liberal philosophy could even take them half-way seriously. Unfortunately, however, the SPLC is one of the most-often quoted sources by the mainstream media. Of course, most Americans realize that the mainstream media, for the most part, is itself extremely biased in favor of a left-wing agenda, so it is not surprising that they would gravitate to the left-wing paranoia that emanates from the SPLC.

However, even more unfortunate is the fact that the Department of Justice (DOJ) in Washington, D.C., also gives credence to the SPLC’s ultra-left-wing propaganda. This is the most disturbing part of the SPLC hysteria: the nation’s law enforcement agencies that receive instructions, bulletins, memos, briefs, etc., from the DOJ are watching the feds regurgitate the left-wing propaganda of the SPLC. This is why State police agencies, such as what we saw happen in Missouri’s MIAC report, end up characterizing conservatives as “extremist hate groups.” They got it from the DOJ, which got it from the SPLC.

Outcry Grows Over Suspension of Student Who Disarmed Suspect

Following widespread national media attention, outrage continues to grow surrounding the controversial suspension of a 16-year-old Florida student who reportedly helped disarm a gunman on a school bus, potentially saving at least one life. School officials dispute those reports. Now, however, a national youth-rights organization has officially become involved in the case to advocate on behalf of the suspended teen and have his permanent record cleared. Members of the local community have also rallied to the cause.

- We can't have little Johnny thinking he can fight back, much less that he has a right, duty and responsibility to do so.

Making massacres count...



After Aurora: How Mayor Bloomberg Planned to Make the Next Massacre Count

When the smoke cleared at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., in the wee hours of a Friday morning last July, 12 people were dead, 58 were injured and Mayor Michael Bloomberg was in New York, readying an assault of his own.

The campaign that Mr. Bloomberg and his “gun team” came up with in the hours and days after Aurora involved carpet-bombing Washington with millions from the mayor’s immense fortune and a media blitz that would be deployed following the next massacre.

- Where are the "Liberal"(commie) trash who claim to care about the 'little man' when this rich bastard is trying to disarm us all so we can't fight back?

Here’s where we are on Obama's gun control proposals

As we see it, the chief strategic objective is now to keep gun control votes from coming to the Senate floor by opposing the “motion to proceed” to any bill which is going to be used as a vehicle for gun votes.

That would certainly mean that senators should oppose moving to proceed to universal gun registries or the Veterans Gun Ban. But it also means that we oppose moving to proceed to so-called non-controversial bills, such as Boxer, if those bills are being brought up as a vehicle for anti-gun amendments.

- Be sure to click on the link and send the message to your elected public servants.

So just give up on Liberty...


... and turn your weapons in, the great whore has spoken.

Jew Without a Gun

Hollywood is on fire.

Karen and I lock every door in the house, shut tight the windows. We move through the house switching off all the lights.

Gazing from our bedroom window we watch orange flames lick at the darkness, pillars of black smoke climb into the sky. We can actually smell the acrid odor of burning rubber.

“Look how close they are,” says Karen.

“Just past La Cienega. Maybe eight blocks away.”

Karen gives me a long penetrating gaze:

“What do we do if they come here?”

- See my comments below next vid. The "Liberal"(commie) citiot trash who vote for these evil laws fully deserve what's coming. Don't allow them to escape into the rural areas. Force them to stay and make peace with their victims/attackers.

Stalked: Girl Without A Gun

“Thing is, he’s going to kill me.”

“Have you gone to the police?”

“Yes, of course I have.”

“And what happened?”

She shakes her head from side to side, wraps spindly arms protectively around her chest.

“I got a restraining order against Ned — that’s my ex. But you know what good that is, don’t you?”

“Tell me.”

She inscribes a big zero in the air.

It will be a bloody, confusing, terrifying drawn out mess...


My message to patriot nurse:

Back in the 90s we thought we'd be at war by 2000.

Follow my links. Read my columns.

And it was the war for southern independence.

Search this column: California grabs guns and warns residents they’re on their own in next big quake(see next story post).

I'm looking forward to watching the big cities burn on the weaponvision, if it's still working.

The 'civil rights' movement was commie insurrection. They excel at finding oppressed minorities to exploit.

California grabs guns and warns residents they’re on their own in next big quake

“On Thursday, the California State Senate passed the first in a spate of 30 gun control bills authored in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, which, taken together, have the potential to fundamentally alter gun ownership in the Golden State,” Aaron Sankin of The Huffington Post reported.


Now understand that in Los Angeles alone, there were estimated to be 120,000 gang members (that's what, about 80 percent of the combined Allied strength at Normandy?) compared to 10,000 sworn LAPD officers and about the same number of Sheriff’s deputies and reserves, and then recall the last time they deployed, after a lot of destruction had already been done, the National Guard had to wait on ammo. Perhaps some of Janet Napolitano’s crack Imperial Sardaukar can spare some of those 1.6 billion rounds or however many they’re said to be saving for a rainy day …

- Like John Lennon said, imagine...

Judge OKs 'truth serum' on 'batman' shooter

Legal and medical experts are questioning the decision of a judge in Colorado to allow James Holmes, the suspected gunman in the Aurora cinema shooting, to be tested with a “truth serum” should he plead not guilty by reason of insanity.

Judge William Sylvester ruled that in the event of Holmes pleading insanity his prosecutors would be permitted to interrogate him while he is under the influence of a medical drug designed to loosen him up and get him to talk. The idea would be that such a “narcoanalytic interview” would be used to confirm whether or not he had been legally insane when he embarked on his shooting spree on 20 July last year.

And they have the audacity...


...to ask us why we 'need' our weapons.

After the idiots in the republicrat party were too stupid to vote for Ron Paul in the primary I wanted to see the Marxist mutt win the now red house again because it's sold more guns and ammo than the klintons ever thought about. It's woken lots of sheeple up and pissed many people off and kept lots of idiot republicrats off the golf course. Its arrogance may yet take us to the crucible we must face before another generation or two is indoctrinated by the govt. schools and universities in false mindless pacifism

Sources: NRA won't oppose background check deal – if Democrats cede tough records fight

Senators negotiating a bill mandating background checks for all gun buyers are privately expecting the National Rifle Association not to fight the measure -- provided the legislation does not require private gun sellers to maintain records of the checks, NBC News has learned.

If that requirement is met and key Republican negotiator Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma signs on, the powerful gun lobby has signaled to lawmakers that they would not actively oppose the bill -- and not count votes in favor of it as part of its highly influential NRA lawmaker ratings -- according to Senate aides familiar with the stalled negotiations.

- This is entirely the wrong discussion. Why are they even acknowledging the whiny baby demands of chuckie schemer and the other "Liberal"(commie) trash that only wants us disarmed so we can't kill them when the time comes? We should be demanding a repeal of all 'gun laws' and a return to respect for the Bill of Rights. It's way past time for negative tolerance of "Liberal"(commie) trash demands for 'compromise' that always moves in their evil direction. Tell them to go to hell.

NRA says stories about support for background checks are false

The NRA opposes criminalizing private firearms transfers between law-abiding individuals, and therefore opposes an expansion of the background check system.

The NRA supports meaningful efforts to address the problems of violent crime and mass violence in America, through swift and certain prosecution of violent criminals; securing our schools; and fixing our broken mental health system.

- So, is the NRA still riding the camel?

Not insane, evil.



New York Counties Work to Repeal State Gun Control Laws

As Democrats and gun control advocates praise the New York State Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013, or NY SAFE Act as it is generally known, for being the first post-Newtown gun control legislation in the country, county after county in New York State has either introduced or passed resolutions calling for the law's repeal.

As of March 11, a total of 52 out of New York State’s 62 counties have introduced resolutions requesting the repeal of the NY SAFE Act. Of those 52 county resolutions, 40 of them have already passed — meaning that roughly two-thirds of the counties of New York State reject Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “landmark” gun control legislation.

Background check bill apparently falls short in Olympia; initiative next?

Some people suggest that if the federal measure becomes law, there would be no reason to have a state-level law, because it would be superseded by the federal statute.

What’s next for Evergreen State gun owners? If WAGR launches an initiative effort, and gets enough signatures to put a measure on the ballot, Washington gun owners are in for a bare knuckles political fight such as they haven’t seen since 1997, when they faced Initiative 676. Anti-gunners learned a lot from that campaign, and they will no doubt benefit from the lessons in that 71-29 percent drubbing.

Don't mention the unmentionables


In a free country there's no such thing as a group whose motives cannot be questioned.

No 'slippery slope' toward total forcible citizen disarmament? Think again

As St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner has argued before, opposition to restrictive gun laws in no way depends on the "slippery slope" argument--the proposed new restrictions are themselves "Intolerable Acts," and indeed worth resisting by force, if necessary. Regardless, when interviewed by video journalist Jason Mattera, U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) left no doubt that she and her ideological allies are working hard to pour a little more oil on that slope, and crank up the incline a few more degrees. From Breitbart (there's also a sidebar video, but the background music is intensely annoying):

Schakowsky: We’re on a roll now, and I think we’ve got to take the--you know, we’re gonna push as hard as we can and as far as we can.

- See the vid of this witch farther down this page.

Gun Shop Owner Says Mark Kelly Has Not Completed Background Check For AR-15

Kelly has openly stated that his plan from the beginning was to buy such a firearm and hand it over to the police (even though, as Breitbart News reported, under pending legislation the police would likely have to sell the AR-15 rather than destroying it, returning it to the streets).

In that case, wouldn't any AR-style rifle do?

Instead, he picked one that required a 20-day waiting period and extended the background check process for weeks.

There are no free men here


In fact, there are not men here, or we would not be tolerating this evil.

Can feds bulldoze state constitutional protections?

In a courtroom gun fight that has the potential to disrupt many of Barack Obama’s plans for national gun lists, laws and limits, attorneys have told the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that the U.S. Constitution does not give Washington unlimited authority to bulldoze over state efforts to protect the constitutional rights of their citizens.

At issue is the years-old Montana Firearms Freedom Act, which was argued before the appeals court in a special session in Portland, Ore.

Perhaps there's something to the claim that guns alone cannot rein in government

...it cannot be denied that for some Constitutional militia applications, weapons heavier than those found in most gun safes would be very useful. That's why I suggest that readers download Army Technical Manual 31-201, the Improvised Munitions Handbook. Other possibilities include Kitchen Improvised Explosives, Parts One and Two. We'll also mention Mike Vanderboegh still one more time, whose work-in-progress "Absolved" includes an entire chapter about improvised explosive munitions, with not much in the way of "nuts and bolts," but plenty of information a budding militia ordnance engineer could put to good use.

Pacification through indoctrination



California again proves that purpose of registration is confiscation

California is the only state that tracks and disarms people with legally registered guns who have lost the right to own them, according to Attorney General Kamala Harris.

- We need to bring the troops home and invade commiefornia, New Yawk City, Chicago and a few other places, eradicate the "Liberal"(commie) trash in their governments, and restore Liberty there.

Senate Dems pass background check bill, ignoring Grassley warning

But with the California report, Grassley’s objection – quoted by the Times – might hit a nerve. He told the committee that “mass shootings would continue to occur despite universal background checks. Criminals will continue to steal guns and buy them illegally to circumvent the requirements.”

“When that happens,” Grassley said, “we will be back here debating whether gun registration is needed. And when registration fails, then the next step is gun confiscation.”

Opponents of the bill in Olympia need only look south to the Golden State to ramp up concerns that Grassley’s observations could be prescient.

- Those who claim to love Liberty must stop pretending that they aren't at war.

We won't obey your laws...


...and we will kill you.

We won't hold the 'moral high ground' in our domestic enemies' eyes until we are standing on piles of their dead bodies.

In a free country there’s no such thing as a group whose motives cannot be questioned.

Understand this if you understand nothing else: They consider us to be livestock.

We need to focus on taking our country and governments back so we can figure out who to hang.

No amerikan alive today has known Liberty.

Don’t understand? Follow my links. Read the quotes page first.

GOP leadership hints snub of House Republicans to support gun control

The GOP leadership establishment in the U.S. House of Representatives has hinted it may snub the rank and file Republican members of the House by stating they may seek to pass gun control measures without a majority of support from House Republicans.

The stunning announcement came from House Majority Whip, U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., who told CNN on Sunday, according to The Hill, that House Speaker John Boehner wants a major gun control bill to receive bipartisan approval even if it means the majority of House Republicans oppose it.

- If they pull this crap the republicrat party is dead. We won't vote for any of them any more. We'll just prepare for what will be required.

The government has become the enemy.

America is veering towards dictatorship, Supreme court justices and top government officials warn

When you hear some pundit or historian compare the loss of democratic republican rule currently taking place in the United States with how it happened in ancient Rome, you may be tempted to shrug it off as hyperbole or over dramatization.

When you hear a U.S. Supreme Court Justice and other top government officials use the comparison, it should alarm you tremendously because they are, in essence, firing a warning shot.

- We've been 'veering' for a very long time. See April 1865.

The victors write the history books



Is the Result of the “Civil War” Really Settled?

There was recently a letter in the Albany Herald of Albany, Georgia stating that, basically, the “Civil War” has “long been fought and settled…The war is over. Slavery has been abolished in the whole of these great United States. The Union has been salvaged.” Really?

If the “civil war” is really over then why is the South, and also the North now, still under “reconstruction?” If you think it isn’t, then you haven’t really taken a good look at The Patriot Act or Obama’s new gun/people control initiatives. If it isn’t then why are we still saddled with a Yankee/Marxist public school system down here that was, and still is, a major part of “reconstruction.” If we are not still under “reconstruction” then why hasn’t the Yankee/Marxist government in Washington removed all of this?

Washington state background check bill bogged down by backlash

Rep. Maureen Walsh reportedly got a call from former Congresswoman Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords urging her to “be courageous” and “be strong.” Instead, Walsh backed away from House Bill 1588, telling a reporter that “This is really an exercise in futility, in my opinion.”

A Giffords phone call might not have the same weight it would have days ago, since the revelation that her husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly, was in a Tucson gun shop the other day buying a .45-caliber pistol and an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle. Once the story surfaced, Kelly hastily declared buying the rifle was some kind of exercise to demonstrate how fast he could clear a background check and buy such a firearm.


This nation's large cities...


...must be chocked full of screaming citiots.


Was John McCain turned against the U.S. by his North Vietnamese captors?

It is nothing short of incredible that a combat veteran who has often claimed to be a conservative, has led the fight to reward with amnesty, millions of Mexican and Central American nationals who have entered this nation illegally. While the betrayal of the American people on behalf of foreign invaders by Sen. John McCain may be puzzling to most, the former POW actually has somewhat of a history of betraying his fellow citizens in favor of a foreign enemy.

The question of McCain's true motives should be examined...

Nearly 1 in 3 state sheriff groups now oppose Obama gun controls

Three more state-wide sheriff associations have joined those opposed to President Obama's kitchen sink approach to gun control, raising the number to 14, or nearly one-third of the nation's statewide police organizations.

Sheriff associations in South Carolina, California and most recently Nevada joined the other states in demanding Obama to stop his gun grab and instead focus on expanding the national background check system to include far more information on the mental health status of gun buyers than it does now.

If this country had any men left...


...we wouldn't tolerate this creature stealing our oxygen.

Connecticut: Thousands of Second Amendment Supporters Attend Important Lobby Day

This Thursday, March 14, the Public Safety and Security Committee will hold an important public hearing at 10:00 a.m. in Room 2C of the Legislative Office Building. As currently scheduled, this committee will hear eleven different gun control bills. Click here for the full committee agenda. While these bills vary in the degree of extremism, the most disconcerting is Senate Bill 1076. SB 1076 would ban commonly owned firearms, implement a gun rationing scheme and mandate gun registration.

Terrorist Professor Bill Ayers and Obama’s Federal School Curriculum

Working behind the scenes, implementing these policies and writing the standards are associates from President Obama’s community organizing days. In de facto control of the education component is Linda Darling-Hammond, a radical left-wing educator and close colleague of William “Bill” Ayers, the former leader of the communist terrorist Weather Underground who became a professor of education and friend of Obama’s.

When these dangerous initiatives are implemented, there will be no escaping bad schools and a radical curriculum by moving to a good suburb, or by home schooling, or by enrolling your children in private schools.

Education or indoctrination?


- Homeschooling is great for those with the intelligence and resources. Most of the sheeple will never do it. The only answer, before blood conflict, is to demand the commies be kicked out of the govt. indoctrination systems.

The government schools and universities are doing exactly what they were designed to do: program biological robots to be model citizens and compliant worker bees with very little true independent thought, not that the average sheeple needs much encouragement in this department. The submissive have been surviving to breed for a very long time.

And it's indoctrination, not brainwashing. For brainwashing to occur there has to be something there to remove in the first place, maybe with children being raised by intelligent people with a respect for human Liberty and knowledge of the kind of country we're supposed to have. Children being raised by "Liberal"(commie) trash of course are just going to get re-inforcement.

What’s behind the punishment for fake guns in schools?

“Today, class, we’re going to learn about how dangerous it is to have a picture of a gun.”

“You see, Jimmy, when you build a gun out of lego, you think it’s all right because you don’t know any better. But some other child might be terrified when she sees the gun. And that’s why we’re here. To protect everybody from bad feelings.”

- They want to remove the idea that we have a right, duty and responsibility to fight back. Slaves can't be allowed to think in such ways. They must be ever compliant and obedient, whether to government demands or to their employers.

European's are camera shy?



Texas 6th graders assigned to design flag for new socialist nation

Sixth-grade children in many Texas public schools are being tasked with designing flags for a new socialist nation as part of the state's curriculum, EAG News reported Monday.

"Notice socialist/communist nations use symbolism on their flags representing various aspects of their economic system. Imagine a new socialist nation is creating a flag and you have been put in charge of creating a flag," says a lesson plan being used as part of CSCOPE, the curriculum being used by over 70 percent of Texas school districts.

Events, alerts, actions and groups you should be involved with:

- Liberty Strategy Conference

- Firearms Freedom Act

- 2013 Southern Readiness Conference

- Constitutional Speaker KrisAnne Hall is coming to Kentucky

- Gun Owners of America Alerts page

- Tell the NRA it's time to stop playing games and demand a repeal of all gun laws.

- Project Appleseed Kentucky schedule


- Kentucky Mountain Rangers Facebook page

- Do you know who your Kentucky legislator is?

Probably closer to the truth...


Than we want to think about.

Candidates worth voting for:

Paul Broun for U.S. Senate endorsed by Gun Owners of America

Know any? Email bbright(at)willowtown.com

Dude perfect?


I don't wanna know. But it's fun to watch.

Commie/NWO site of the week: PICO National Network

Commie of the week: Cenk Uygur

Patriot site of the week: Adask's law

Word(or phrase) for the times: oath

Quote for the times:

To maintain the ascendancy of the Constitution over the lawmaking majority is the great and essential point on which the success of the [American] system must depend; unless that ascendancy can be preserved, the necessary consequence must be that the laws will supersede the Constitution; and, finally, the will of the Executive, by influence of its patronage, will supersede the laws ... - John C. Calhoun (1782-1850)


"Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security." - The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America,
Adopted by Congress on July 4, 1776
(To the Founders, 'state' meant independent sovereign nation state,
that was voluntarily entering into the union and could theoretically un-volunteer later.)

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It's time to bring back the old saying: "Better dead than red."
Only we need to apply it to Amerika's reds.


Watch to see what we should be teaching kids
to do to "Liberals" so they'll actually
hhave a future in a free country:

"No small shot gun, during my residence of seven years of war in America, was ever kept in the house of a backwoodsman. You will often see a boy not over ten years of age driving the cattle home, but not without a rifle on his shoulder; they never stir out on any business, or on a journey without their rifles. Practice from their infancy, teaches them all distances…

 "I never in my life saw better rifles (or men who shot better) than those made in America. They are chiefly made in Lancaster, and two or three neighboring towns in that vicinity in Pennsylvania. The barrels weigh about six pounds two or three ounces and carry a ball no larger than thirty-six to the pound; at least I never saw one of a larger caliber, and I have seen many hundreds and hundreds." - Colonel George Hanger, captain of a Hessian Jager corps of the American Revolution, as quoted in Muzzleloader Magazine's 'The Book of Buckskinning.'

“A well-grown boy, at the age of twelve or thirteen years, was furnished with a small rifle and shot pouch. He then became a fort soldier and had his port hole assigned to him. Hunting squirrels, turkeys and raccoons soon made him an expert in the use of his gun.” – Dr. Joseph Doddridge, in his 1824 book ‘Notes on the Settlement and Indian Wars,’ quoted in Michael Edward Nogays book ‘Every Home a Fort, Every Man a Warrior’

Wouldn't the freaks freak out if we started teaching young men and women what they are going to be forced to know some day because their parents sat on their asses and pretended Liberty could be won back with 'peace and love.?'

What a pathetic lot we amerikans are. Especially the peace nicks in the so-called Liberty movement who are mimicking the commie insurrectionists of the 'anti-war'(pro-commie) movement of the 1960s whose real goal was to pacify their enemies so they wouldn't fight back. They apparently succeeded.

Our civilization has been taken from mindless aggression to mindless pacifism. The latter is the most dangerous by far. We must put knowledge of our most basic right, that of self-defense, back into the hands and minds of the young, or they are doomed to be mindless pacified slaves, and most importantly 'victims' who can be used as pawns by those who seek to maintain their power over us all.

"Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom." - John Adams, Defense of the Constitutions, 1787

"To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them." - Richard Henry Lee (1732-1794) Founding Father

Start them young, train them well, for you know not what they may have to do...

They're so cute, couldn't resist posting this. With the right parenting they won't grow up to be mindless pacified sheeple willing to bend over for their would-be bosses, whether in the government or at their place of employment.

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." - Proverbs 22:6 KJV

"Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined... The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able might have a gun." – Patrick Henry, Speech to the Virginia Ratifying Convention, June 5, 1778

Folk music records what Vermonters responded to British soldiers who would impose their will upon them:
"Why come ye hither, Redcoats? Your mind what madness fills? For there’s danger in our valleys and there’s danger on our hills. Why hear ye not the singing of the bugle wild and free? Full soon you’ll hear the ringing of the rifle from the tree! For the rifle, for the rifle: in our hands shall prove no trifle."

"Perhaps the sentiments contained in the following pages, are not yet sufficiently fashionable to procure them general favor; a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defence of custom. But tumult soon subsides. Time makes more converts than reason."
- Thomas Paine, the first paragraph of his Pamphlet, “Common Sense.”

For more quotes that matter or if you don't understand the above, start with my Favorite Quotes page.


How much longer until enough see the necessity of these?:


How much longer?


Would you sign? Or step out your door to an uncertain fate?

April 19 needs to be a our biggest holiday. That was the day they left their homes, went to face government employees and shot back. That took more courage than signing a piece of paper or banging on a keyboard.

It will have to be done again.

If you sit home waiting your turn you deserve to have your gun taken from your cold dead hands.

The Founders didn’t wait for the Brits to knock down their doors. They gathered at the green and stood up like men and they killed government employees all the way back to Boston.

What will you do when it’s time to hunt NWO hacks, republicrats and commies(“Liberals” and ‘progressives’)?

Don't understand? Follow my links. Read the quotes page first.

When will you step up?



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