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"Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns,
why should we let them have ideas?" - Josef Stalin

Willowtown News Blog October, 2009

Oct. 22, 2009

Secret Service says it can't protect the Marxist mutt

"Talking Points Memo noted that Ronald Kessler, the author of a recently released book on the Secret Service's protection of U.S. presidents, recently said that threats against President Obama are up 400 percent from the number of threats levied against former President George W. Bush..."

Such great news. And the commie AP of course didn't miss a chance to propagandize and quote the hatewatchers. It's all about 'hate, hate, hate...'

The mutt is communist/elitist/NWO garbage. The longer it stays in office the more sheeple it will wake up, the more people it will piss off and the more weapons and ammo it will sell. That's the kind of 'success' we all need to be praying for.

Date set for the Marxist mutt's trial, was it really born here?

And what passport did it use to travel to Pakistan? Snopes claims this is a non-issue.


Commie Ayers admits he wrote Marxist mutt's book

"Was he, as she had asked, pulling our collective legs? Other sources report rumors that Ayers is very upset both about not getting any credit for helping Obama on ‘Dreams,' and may also be put off by being summarily thrown under the bus along with Rev. Wright and everyone else who becomes an inconvenience to this President."

U.S. Constitution vs. U.N. Treaty?

"Further proof that the Constitution outranks treaties can be extrapolated from the Supreme Court decision Reid v Covert, which states, “This Court has regularly and uniformly recognized the supremacy of the Constitution over a treaty”, although the ruling was applied to an executive agreement, not a treaty."



Absence of charter schools could leave Ky. behind in race for stimulus funding

"Proposed legislation would allow Thomas Jefferson, which has the state’s worst academic track record under No Child Left Behind and has failed to make adequate progress for nine years, and other schools with similar dismal records, to become charter schools. "

NYT Environment Reporter Floats Idea: Give Carbon Credits to Couples That Limit Themselves to One Child


We need to limit the amount of oxygen "Liberal" newswhores are allowed to steal from the rest of us...

Congressional Black Caucus, Blue Dogs Join Conservatives to Oppose Internet Regulations

"The FCC is moving forward with plans to approve “net neutrality,” rules that essentially would prohibit Internet service providers from charging add-on fees to certain Web sites for accessing their networks. Advocates of net neutrality argue that without new rules, a duopoly of cable and telephone companies can “discriminate” against certain Web content."



Playing God? Texas Jury Consulted Bible Before Sentencing Man to Death

"From Amnesty International: (and scroll down)

Khristian Oliver, 32, is set to be killed on 5 November after jurors used Biblical passages supporting the death penalty to help them decide whether he should live or die.

Amnesty International is calling on the Texas authorities to commute Khristian Oliver's death sentence. The organization considers that the jurors' use of the Bible during their sentencing deliberations raises serious questions about their impartiality.

A U.S. federal appeals court acknowledged last year that the jurors' use of the Bible amounted to an "external influence" prohibited under the U.S. Constitution, but nonetheless upheld the death sentence."

I'm not opposed to the death penalty for murderers where the case is clear. But cases based on 'circumstantial' evidence, of which most of them are, are another matter. And the bible, at least the 'new' testament, does say something about he who is without sin cast the first stone...

I am in favor of treason trials and the death penalty for all members of the 'progressive caucus' in Congress, those involved in the raid and murders at Mt. Carmel and the murders of the Weaver family members. There are many in this country who should be tried for treason and executed for their efforts to destroy human Liberty.

Doctor speaks at New York assembly hearing on vaccines


This is the first of three parts...

UCLA Study: The Internet Is Altering Our Brains

"As the brain ages, a number of structural and functional changes occur, including atrophy, or decay, reductions in cell activity and increases in complex things like deposits of amyloid plaques and tau tangles, which can impact cognitive function."

And here I thought my brain was gummed up by all this crap I read every day...

A little target practice...

Since I shot the coyote the other day(see October 2009-A) I decided to check my Bushmaster XM-15 for accuracy in case another target presented itself. I have some cheap re-loads I bought at a gun show last year for practice and some higher quality ammo from CNC Cartridge Company in Macedonia, IL that I bought years ago. I also have some Wolf brand practice ammo, steel case type.

I've always known ammo quality can make a difference but the results on the first target below tell the tale. Most of the shots were with the cheap 'practice' stuff, but the three rounds, placed high with the circle drawn around them is the 60 V-Max 7-10 twist from CNC. I started shooting at the target from about 50 'steps' out, not very scientific I know but that's how we do things here in the country. I moved out to around 100 steps and that's the distance for the tight group that surprised me considering how much I was shaking that day and how hard it is to see through the Colt 4x scope I have mounted on my weapon. Yes I lowered the setting on the scope afterwards. See the next target.

Some of these holes are from Lake City M855 5.56mm 62 grain 'SS109.' That's allegedly what the military uses and it doesn't seem to group much better than the 'cheap' stuff. My barrel is an 11 inch 1 in 9 twist so it's supposed to perform better with larger grain rounds. The holes that are close together are mostly from different shot sets.

I bought the scope back in 1990 before being deployed for Operation Desert Shield. No, I never had an opportunity to line it up on my issue weapon back them. But I did mount it and bore sight it. My platoon commander walked through the tent one day, picked it up and looked through it and laid it back on my rack and went on. I fully expected to be told to remove it but since it's designed to allow use of the peep sights(or the 'arn' sights as we call 'em here in the sticks) the scope didn't seem to bother him. Now the military issues scopes to the troops. I couldn't figure why they didn't back then. Much has changed in the quality of gear doled out by Uncle Sugar.

Anyway, the second target is from the next day, with only the 'cheap' ammo, from about 100 steps out, see the third picture. The groups just aren't quite as tight as I'm used to with my deer rifle.

While shooting the 'cheap' reloads I twice had primers blow out and the second time had a case stuck in the weapon. After trying to force it out with a cleaning rod a friend reminded me I could slam the butt of the weapon on the ground while pulling back on the charging handle. This finally worked and the weapon functions normally now.

My not-so official range and rest on the hood of my SUV:

The little white square in the distance is the target. Look out for the Bovine landmines.

I plan to buy some more of the 'good' ammo and finish lining up the scope. Look out Wile-E...

Recent fall pix:


Quote of the day:

"Aim small, miss small." - from the movie "The Patriot"

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