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Editor's note: I have long said I wouldn't do a blog since blogs are essentially online diaries. But I find that many of my responses to online articles are deleted, or not posted in the first place by their 'moderators.' So I will attempt to post my comments here just in case the enemies I'm addressing decide I don't have the same 'freedom of speech' they lay claim to.

Generally there will be a headline for the article I ranted on with a link, following will be my comment. You are responsible for reading the column, article, editorial, propaganda(it's all propaganda).

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"It's well beyond rage."

Sept. 30, 2008

ATF goes against Second Amendment  

Butch, your letter is great until the end. I have to say you backed down a little from these monsters.  

We need a concerted effort to shut down the BATF Nazi scum, shut down their retirement plans for all agents past and present, no matter how high a 'caliber' they may seem to be because they were enforcing unconstitutional 'gun control' laws that should never have been written and passed in the first place.  

Then we should proceed with the arrest, trials for treason and execution of all agents involved in the Mt. Carmel murders, Randy Weaver debacle, the David Olufson case, and countless others. 

These creatures are serving evil and deserve to be treated as such. It’s way past time in this country to take a stand and start telling them and their masters “NO, HELL NO!” in no uncertain terms. They have destroyed too many lives already and will continue to do so until enough of us resolve to destroy them and end their evil reign.  

If any wonder why I could feel so strongly about these issues, look up my website, willowtown.com and scroll right. Start with my favorite quotes page and then go to ‘British Insanity’ to see what happens to a country when the mentality exhibited by the BATF is allowed to rule.

Sept. 28, 2008

Megyn Kelly grills Obama spokesman on NRA ads

The 2nd Amend has nothing to do with hunting animals. It's about hunting tyrants and their servants. All 'gun control' is an act of war.

You guys with the 'my cold hands' mentality are doing exactly what they want: waiting for them to pick you off one by one. "Liberal" season will require far more than a siege mentality.

Watch the movie "Michael Collins." Follow my links.

Sept. 28, 2008

Disgusting!… Lib Group Headed By Howard Dean’s Brother Releases Vicious McCain Cancer Ad

Vote for McCommie and the Palin medal he’s tried to pin on his tarnished chest? No Way!


Let Obamacommie win. He’ll keep the republicrats off the golf course, make lots of people mad, wake lots of sheeple up, and sell more guns and ammo than the Klintons did. He’s the kick in the teeth the Amerikan sheeple deserve. It will take one to get them off their lazy mindless butts.

And if we’re really lucky he’ll give us the reason to start “Liberal” season.

Post 2: 

Oh, you have to 'moderate' my comments. You mccommieites don't value freedom of speech any more than the obamacommieites. Just blindly support the 'candidate' for your party no matter how useless he is.  

When you vote for the lesser of two evils long enough you eventually get more evil than you can handle. And all you republicrats fully deserve it.  

Don't understand? Start here:  


Sept. 19, 2008

An Open Letter to Those Who Wonder Why Citizens Would Want to Carry Guns in Public

Gee, Storytellersrus, you seem like another, from your bio, mal-educated idiot who never really took the time to deal in reality, despite all your miss-guided, useless, pointless, sorry just can't think of the word, soul-searching. So I'll try to be 'nice.'

If you really want to understand start here:


Then go here:


And to see what happens when we don't pay attention to reality and allow those who hate Liberty and reality to run a country go here:


There's lots more on my site, if you can handle it. 

Sept. 19, 2008

Saving Bristol("Liberal" freak comedian offers 50 grand to Bristol Palin to get an abortion)

Isn't it great when "Liberals" don't reproduce? Maybe one day, with the aid of "Liberal" season, we'll be shed of them entirely. http://willowtown.com/

Sept. 19, 2008  

One and a Half Miles of Guns, Knives and Accessories

Gee, I thought we got past this kind of mainstream commie propaganda back in the 90s. Angela must be a fresh graduate of our Marxist university system. Wait, I notice this isn't a 'real' newspaper but one of those little local commie rags found in many larger towns, established because the local commies thought the local large daily wasn't commie enough.  

I only have two words for ya' Angela: "Liberal" season.  

Hope to see ya' then.  

For those who want to develop a clue, start here:  


or maybe here:  


and for those want to see what happens to countries that allow freaks like Angela to run things: 


We need to get in these freaks’ faces, and start telling them “No! Hell NO!” and we must stop tolerating their garbage, and we need to do it yesterday, in fact decades ago, or we have no future. This is supposed to be America, they don’t belong here.

Sept. 11, 2008

Changing my mind 

Fool them once.... 

And you can fool them a thousand times. Never before have Amerikan voters so thoroughly proven their stupidity in selecting their would-be king. And now that McCommie, with the advice of the the republicrat establishment, found a shiny metal to stick on his tarnished chest, a lot more stupidity will be proven.  

Ask yourself this: What real power does a vice president have? Will she be picking supreme court nominees? Will she be signing or vetoing legislation? Will she be doing anything but going on photo ops and casting a rare tie breaking vote? What exactly is McCommie saying by adding Palin to his ticket?  

He's saying that "A lot of self-described 'conservatives' are both stupid and desperate enough to vote for a candidate they know is not going to serve their interests, (and those who know his real record know he is evil) just because he found a pretty face with an alleged more 'conservative' outlook on life than he has ever exhibited."  

Go to gunownersdotorg and look up McCommie's record and ask yourself how is he that much worse than Obamacommie? 

Let Obamacommie win. He’ll keep the republicrats off the golf course, make lots of people mad, wake lots of sheeple up, and sell more guns and ammo than the Klintons did. He’s the kick in the teeth the Amerikan sheeple deserve. It will take one to get them off their lazy mindless butts.

Sept. 8, 2008

Church's take on song is not a hit with all

First of all why do newspaper websites not put some indication on their front page of where they are located? I can only assume it’s Ohio  because of the headlines. No small town is the center of anyone’s universe, especially with an online presence which can be visited by anyone from anywhere on the globe. Now to the business at hand:  

I have little respect for the so-called ‘homosexual community’ especially when they hang out at the beach where I like to swim to look for a ‘good time,’ but there’s not a single one of them I’d wish to burn alive in fire forever.  

How so many ‘christians’ think they’ll be able to stand ‘across the gulf’ and watch billions burn alive in fire forever while they sing praises to a sadistic god is beyond me. I guess It’s just the fear that he’ll do it to them. That’s some kinda’ love. I guess the ‘wiping the tears away’ will include a heavenly lobotomy, for those that actually need one.  

If an adult has sex with a 14-year old that adult may face years in prison, but that same 14-year old can be burned alive in fire forever by a ‘christian’ or ‘muslim’ or whatever god because the ‘sin’ was consensual. Yes, most ‘sin’ is stupid behavior to begin with, and probably why the ancients started calling it that and threatening people with fire for breaking the moral codes that their primitive societies depended on to maintain some kind of order. While not a govt. today that I’m aware of still burns people at the stake.  

Oh well, just goes to show we’re still living in the dark ages in more ways than one.

Sept. 7, 2008

YouTube: Where should americans flee to escape Martial Law? 

"An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it." --Col. Jeff Cooper 

People were predicting 'martial law' in Amerika when this guy was in junior high school. Yeah, I want to migrate to Europe where the socialists have dumbed-down and pacified the population far more than here.  

This is a big country. War, if waged correctly could at least make the NWO pay a high price for its tyranny.  

Prepare for "Liberal" season now. Go to my links and educate yourself.

Sept. 7, 2008

Are we(the republicrats) falling into a trap?(Of course my post was taken down and I've apparently been blocked from this site. So much for republicrat respect for 'freedom of speech.')

(the cult of idiocy) 

Listening to this whore brag up john mccommie tells me all I need to know about her. Her words are just as empty as obamacommie's demagoguery. The vice prez has no power and the arrogant authoritarian mccommie will destroy our Liberty with the republicrats on the golf course. See his record here:


Let obamacommie win. He's the kick in the teeth the amerikan sheeple deserve. He'll wake lots of sheeple up, keep lots of republicrats off the golf course, piss lots of real conservatives and Libertarians off, sell lots of guns and ammo. 

We must not allow America to become like Britain:  


And we should follow the advice of those who came before: 


Sept. 6, 2008

Bring the Assault Weapons Ban Back Into Presidential Politics(and of course the evil huffington site didn't post this) 

When guns are outlawed "Liberal" season begins. Hope to see you then Dan.  

To see what happens when "Liberal" lowlifes like Dan get control of a govt. go here: 

willowtowndotcom scroll right click on 'British Insanity' 

For quotes pertinent to this situation click on 'favorite quotes.'

Sept. 4, 2008

Student attends Democratic convention 

(young commie gets indoctrinated)

Well I guess he's already been indoctrinated by our govt. schools and so-called ‘universities.’ That's why he's too stupid to understand he's dealing with demagogues, who repeat the same lies every few years and never really say anything, and who like the demagogues of both major parties require blind stupid loyalty. But he’s an adult now, old enough to be held accountable for his actions in helping to destroy our Liberty and our country.  

“Liberal”ism is a terminal cancer and unless we begin to treat it as such it will consume our Liberty and thus all of us, as it has done in Britain. Go to willowtowndotcom and scroll right to the link ‘British Insanity’ to understand the evil we face.

Sept. 3, 2008

YouTube: Sarah Palin for Vice President - 2008 

McCommie and the republicrat establishment knows the average republicrat is stupid and this choice makes it obvious. The vice prez is essentially powerless. Palin is a shiny  metal on the would-be dictator's chest.  

Let obamacommie win. He's the kick in the teeth the amerikan sheeple deserve. He'll wake lots of sheeple up, keep lots of republicrats off the golf course, piss lots of real conservatives and Libertarians off, sell lots of guns and ammo. 

But come to think of it. McCommie could give us the reason to start "Liberal" season as well. Look up his record on gunownersdotorg.  

willowtowndotcom go to favorite quotes.

Sept. 1, 2008

McCain-Obama for the presidential dream ticket that will unify the country

no. 1 - McCommie is dangerous, more dangerous than Obamacommie.

no. 2 - The vice prez. has no real power as long as the dictator's heart is beating.

no. 3. - The republicrats must have looked at some poll numbers or something to come up with this. Must have figured they had to snooker the 'conservatives' into supporting McCommie. They can use her and then cast her aside assuming she isn't one of them anyway. Wait, what am I saying? She's an NRA member.

no. 4 - At least she knows how to use a gun and won't require as much training when "Liberal" season comes. If she's not fighting for them.

I could go on but what's the point? Most of the sheeple aren't listening. They fully deserve the kick in the teeth that's coming.

Sept. 1, 2008  

Man Kills Threatened Polar Bear 

According to what I've seen about Polar bears:  

No. 1 - They're not 'endangered.' That's eco-commie propaganda to get you to send more money to some multi-billion dollar eco-commie group. If they were 'endangered' there would be no hunting season on them. Braindead citiots who never hunted or picked up a gun and who stare at concrete and asphalt all day are easy pickings for these eco-commies and their propaganda.  

No. 2 - Polar bears evolved from grizzly bears after the end of the last global warm period.(No, I’m not endorsing the GW propaganda.) So they're not that far apart to begin with. It is the height of human arrogance to think we're going to 'save' them or change them or affect their evolution in some way. Yes we could hunt them to extinction, that's why there are hunting regs.  

No. 3 – Bioflash said: “i would be nice to see open season on people made legal one day.”   

Sounds good to me. I’ve been preaching “Liberal” season for years. The Brits should have started killing their “Liberals” when they were told to surrender their guns. Now they live in hell on earth:  


But what does the little hand power symbol mean huh? Human power maybe? Are you going to volunteer to be one of the first ones shot? I didn’t think so.  

No. 4 – It’s a good bet that any meat the hunter didn’t want went to locals, assuming they eat Polar Bear. I tried some black bear jerky once, too much of a smoke taste.  

I hunt, and will continue to hunt. And when some “Liberal” human trash tells me I can no longer hunt or own weapons I’ll begin hunting “Liberal” human trash.  

The only thing I hate about it is the fact that the hunter’s bear was stolen by the authorities according to the story. Did he get it back? Also it’s so expensive for the common person to go on these ‘trophy hunts.’ Plus some of the hunting shows make it look too easy and for some of them it probably is.  

Hunters need to realize how separated the common modern sheeple is from our ancient pastime. Our pastime is not protected by the Second Amendment, which is not about hunting furry or feathered critters but about hunting two-legged tyrants and their supporters. Hunting can be regulated or voted out of existence by the stupid sheeple who are allowed to vote because authoritarian demagogues need a constituency.  

Yes, I know this hunt took place in Canada. They’ve been past due for “Liberal” season for some time. Their “Liberal” freaks have wasted billions on a ‘gun registry’ program that many are ignoring and can never work.  

For some quotes that apply to this situation go here:  


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