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"Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns,
why should we let them have ideas?" - Josef Stalin

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WNB September 2010

Critical Disclose vote today

"The statists are on the ropes and rightly worried about what's coming in November and beyond. They're scrambling to shut down their critics by going after those who donate to freedom-fighting organizations like C4L. They won't stop until they find out exactly who is donating to C4L and how much they've given to fight the Big Government agenda."

Fight this through Gun Owners of America... and The John Birch Society.

Will Liberty continue to have a home in America?

"I think it is safe to say that many Americans today are not only unwilling to fight for their own liberty (and I am not talking about fighting unconstitutional, unprovoked wars in the Middle East), they do not even seem to be able to discern what true liberty is. To many avant-garde Americans, freedom is whatever Uncle Sam (or Big Brother, as he is better known today) determines freedom to be. If one of the 3 branches of the federal government (especially the Supreme Court) determines that a God-given liberty is not a God-given liberty after all, but only a temporary and transient “privilege of the state,” many Americans seem to have no personal knowledge, wisdom, discernment, or fortitude to even remotely resist it. The fact that their Creator, via Natural and Revealed Law, endows them with certain “unalienable” rights and liberties never seems to dawn on them. It’s as if the only god they know is the god of government. Even many pastors and Christians are carried away with this fallacy."

More westerners doing what must be done...


Great vid. But our real enemies are on this side of the border. They are white and they call themselves "Liberals" and progressives to hide their communist evil. They write and pass the laws that destroy Liberty. That includes the republicrats.

They will have to be dealt with in large numbers.

Don't understand? Follow my links. Read the quotes page first. Then share and prepare for what will be required of those who claim to love Liberty.

Marxist mutt moves to block surplus rifle sales to real Americans

"In a little-noticed decision in March, the Obama administration reversed an earlier decision and moved to block the importation of 857,470 lawful M1 semi-automatics which were being sold by South Korea in an effort to raise money for its military. According to Hillary Clinton's State Department, this action was taken because the M1's "could potentially be exploited... for illicit purposes."

"Even worse, a spokesman for the State Department left the impression that the valuable historic relics could even be melted down, as Clinton's husband did during his administration. Suffice it to say that this is just another reiteration of the same anti-gun political theatre. And the cheers coming from anti-gunners like Dennis Henigan of the Brady Campaign are ample proof of that."

And that's what the commies fear. Real Americans using these weapons as they should be used, to restore the Liberty our domestic enemies have been stealing from us for 160 years.

'Disappointed' Marxist mutt supporters whine to their dear leader

"Another questioner appealed: “I was really inspired by you and your campaign and the message you brought, and that inspiration is dying away,” he said, adding, “And I really want to know, is the American dream dead for me?”

Yes, there really are sheeple who are that stupid...

Commie care designed to fail...



Las Vegas lawyer files suit, says commie care violates individual rights

"Hansen's lawsuit, which lists his group People v. U.S., the IAP, Nevada Eagle Forum and several individuals as plaintiffs in the class action, alleges the health care initiative violates at least half a dozen constitutional amendments, including the First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, 10th and 13th.

"This isn't about states' rights," he said at a news conference on the steps of the federal courthouse downtown. "It's about individuals rights. It violates the First Amendment because a lot of people are pro-life and this law forces them to contribute to (paying for) abortions. That's a violation of religious freedom."

Time to end asset forfeiture

"Unfortunately, federal courts have used twisted logic to uphold civil asset forfeitures. They have contended that since the property itself is condemned, and not its owner, norms like "innocent until proven guilty" do not apply. But if the government can seize your life savings, or your house, or the car you need to get to work, the effective punishment is as bad or worse than the penalties imposed upon conviction of a crime – yet the owner of the seized property possesses no due process rights."

The Kentucky State Flag was politically corrected?

Didn't the Frontiersman once hold a long rifle? For my part he should be holding an M-16 and a rope with a noose as a warning to the arrogant a**holes in the suits.

Here is a Kentucky.gov page on the flag, with no mention of the rifle. KRS concerning the flag.

Another page, on the Kentucky National Guard History museum site, about the history of the flag.

An 'original' version of the artwork according to the above page:

If you have a picture of the old flag or a flag with the long rifle please email bbright(at)willowtown.com

A legislator in Pennsylvania wanted to make their famous rifle the 'state gun.' Of course the freaks freaked out. Check the comments. Don't know how it came out...


I asked the Kentucky Historical Society via their website about this issue. Here is their response:

Mr. Bright,

The only flag in the Kentucky Historical Society's collection that depicts a frontiersman with a rifle is the regimental color of the 13th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, US. The flag was used during the Civil War, but was not an official state flag. In fact, the earliest official state flags omit the frontiersman entirely and depict two statesmen of different eras. The un-uniform nature of the state flag led to a revised statute in 1962 that clearly defined the emblem in the center to be a depiction of the state seal.

Over the years there has been some confusion over the similarities of the state seal to that of the University of Kentucky. The university's seal depicts both a statesman and frontiersman shaking hands. The difference from the state seal is the figures are reversed and the frontiersman is holding a rifle. The university still uses this seal today and a flag
bearing it would be strikingly similar to a state flag. Is it possible that the flag you recall was a UK flag rather than a state flag?

Best regards,

Bill Bright
Kentucky Historical Society


Here's the UK seal:

Another page on the state seal.

This was discussed at the last Take Back Kentucky meeting, so I'm not the only one who's 'confused' if indeed there is confusion. I still have a strong memory of that frontiersman with a rifle. The UK seal is not what I remember, and don't remember ever even seeing it as a child, though that was a few years back...

Regardless, the frontiersman, militiman, should be carrying or holding a rifle. He looks naked without it. The rifle was an integral tool of that era and indeed of this one, though many would have us ignore that fact and wish children to grow up ignorant of it. Our ancestors conquered this continent. That's simply what happened and it shouldn't be glossed over.

See Ben Spend



Kentucky State Rep. files sovereignty resolution

"Believing that the Federal government continues to infringe on the rights of Americans, Representative Stan Lee (R)-Lexington has pre-filed a Joint Resolution which seeks to protect Kentucky’s sovereign rights against overreaching mandates and threats of lost funding.  BR 55 seeks to reinforce Kentucky’s right as a sovereign state under the Ninth and Tenth Amendments of the United States Constitution."

Resolutions are not law. We need to be first of all repealing laws, then reinforcing the Bill of Rights, Kentucky's and that of the 'union.' All elected public servants and their bureaucrats should be required to repeal 100 laws and regulations before they pass one, at least for the next 100 years. At least that would produce more gridlock as they went into apoplexy.

NRA has a brainstorm, declines to endorse Commie Harry Reid

"The National Republican Senatorial Committee was quick to relay news of the NRA's decision. Meanwhile, Reid's campaign manager, Brandon Hall, noted that the NRA has donated to Reid's campaign and not to Angle's during the current election cycle. The group donated $4,950 to the Reid campaign, according to records maintained by the Center for Responsive Politics."

Another reason for leaving the No Rights that aren't Allowed group and joining Gun Owners of America.

What awareness?


Their website.

Thorium as a replacement for fossil fuels?

"There is no certain bet in nuclear physics but work by Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) on the use of thorium as a cheap, clean and safe alternative to uranium in reactors may be the magic bullet we have all been hoping for, though we have barely begun to crack the potential of solar power.

"Dr Rubbia says a tonne of the silvery metal – named after the Norse god of thunder, who also gave us Thor’s day or Thursday - produces as much energy as 200 tonnes of uranium, or 3,500,000 tonnes of coal. A mere fistful would light London for a week.

"Thorium eats its own hazardous waste. It can even scavenge the plutonium left by uranium reactors, acting as an eco-cleaner. "It’s the Big One," said Kirk Sorensen, a former NASA rocket engineer and now chief nuclear technologist at Teledyne Brown Engineering."

And from links in the comments section:

Japanese looking at thorium, while other countries stockpile rare elements

German military concerned about 'peak oil'

And here's why they'd probably like to promote the idea of 'peak oil':

"Relapse into planned economy: Since virtually all economic sectors rely heavily on oil, peak oil could lead to a "partial or complete failure of markets," says the study. "A conceivable alternative would be government rationing and the allocation of important goods or the setting of production schedules and other short-term coercive measures to replace market-based mechanisms in times of crisis."

Black gold versus black souls...


...from Coal Fed Families.

Customs and border patrol is hiring

"U.S. Customs and Border Protection is hiring more 2,200 people from across the country to monitor the southwest desert. Officials will hold an open house in Jacksonville on Saturday."

Who makes these laws and policies?


Answer: Our greatest enemies, white "Liberals" and progressives whose only real goal is the complete overthrow of the form of government and Bill of Rights, most importantly the Bill of Rights, instituted by our Founders.

They want the illegals here so they can 'legalize' them and register them to vote commie. End of discussion.

Marxist mutt's guard dogs keeping the Bush era skeer on

"As a result, Napolitano warned that the United States faces increased danger from roadside bombs, as well as small arm attacks of the kind used to devastating effect in the 2008 Mumbai rampage that killed 166 people in India.

"The list of potential targets now includes hotels, sports stadiums and other public areas as well as famous landmarks, airliners, chemical plants and ports.

"Underpinning U.S. concerns is a rise of homegrown militants including about two-dozen U.S. citizens who have trained with Islamist militants in Somalia. Officials said U.S. citizens have also assumed a growing number of leadership positions within militant networks, including radical imam Anwar al-Alawki, an al Qaeda militant in Yemen."

Where are all these 'domestic' terrorists they've warned us about for years? There are many small towns across this country where they could have carried out such attacks.

Make sure your barrel is clear...

Allegedly done by not removing a laser bore sight before firing the weapon. _________________________________________________________

Headlines only

Tanzanian saved by god and a crocodile

Medal of Honor to be awarded to first living recipient since Vietnam police action

Castro admitted the 'Cuban model' doesn't even work for them anymore

Hartford, Conn. city council meetings to begin with Muslim prayer


Don't throw away your Y2K rice yet...


And don't miss his vid on 'cow tipping.'


Freedom/Liberty Conference to be held at Fort. Mitchell, Kentucky

Heartland Tea Party meetings in central Kentucky

'War on Coal' rally to be held in "Liberal"ville


The Heartland Tea Party had a booth at Cow Days in Greensburg this past weekend. The group plans on attending Marion County Country Ham Days and has a booth at the Casey County Apple Festival, both events this weekend. They're passing out flyers to inform potential tea partiers of upcoming meetings in their areas.

Quote for the times

"A militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people  themselves...and include all men capable of bearing arms." — Richard Henry Lee, Additional Letters from the Federal Framer (1788) at p. 169 


"Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security." -
The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America,
Adopted by Congress on July 4, 1776
(To the Founders, 'state' meant independent sovereign nation state,
that was voluntarily entering into the union and could theoretically un-volunteer later.)

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It's time to bring back the old saying: "Better dead than red."
Only we need to apply it to Amerika's reds.


Watch to see what we should be teaching kids
to do to "Liberals" so they'll actually
have a future in a free country:

“No small shot gun, during my residence of seven years of war in America, was ever kept in the house of a backwoodsman. You will often see a boy not over ten years of age driving the cattle home, but not without a rifle on his shoulder; they never stir out on any business, or on a journey without their rifles. Practice from their infancy, teaches them all distances…

 “I never in my life saw better rifles (or men who shot better) than those made in America. They are chiefly made in Lancaster, and two or three neighboring towns in that vicinity in Pennsylvania. The barrels weigh about six pounds two or three ounces and carry a ball no larger than thirty-six to the pound; at least I never saw one of a larger caliber, and I have seen many hundreds and hundreds.” - Colonel George Hanger, captain of a Hessian Jager corps of the American Revolution, as quoted in Muzzleloader Magazine's 'The Book of Buckskinning.'

Our civilization has been taken from mindless aggression to mindless pacifism. The latter is the most dangerous by far. We must put knowledge of our most basic right, that of self-defense, back into the hands and minds of the young, or they are doomed to be mindless pacified slaves, and most importantly 'victims' that those who seek to maintain their power over us all can use as pawns.

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