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Generally there will be a headline for the article I ranted on with a link, following will be my comment. You are responsible for reading the column, article, editorial, propaganda(it's all propaganda).

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"It's well beyond rage."

Oct. 30, 2008  

Think before you vote

I can tell you one thing that Jesus Christ never said: "Force thy neighbor at the point of a government sword or gun to be a good Samaritan."  

Ayers has never apologized for what he did. Look it up on Youtube. He’s still an unrepentant communist, and so is Obamacommie.  

You need to ask your commie heroes who was in control of Congress when NAFTA and the so-called ‘assault weapons ban’ passed in 1994(actually I think NAFTA was passed in 93, Klinton's first year in office) and which president signed NAFTA after saying he was against it during his campaign. It wasn’t a Bush.  

For the record I’ve never voted for Dubya and I’m a member of Gun Owners of America, gunowners.org, the ‘no compromise’ gun lobby, and I’m not going to vote for McCain because I cannot. Look his record up on gunowners.org.  

And yes, I do put the Second Amendment above all your convoluted propaganda. It is based on our most basic right, that of self defense against tyranny in govt. as is the entire Bill of Rights.

God looks down on communists, authoritarians and those who wish to remain free of their tyranny. He will be watching when we finally decide we’ve had enough and begin to do what’s necessary to restore Liberty to this land. It’s obvious that “Liberal” season isn’t too far off.

When guns are outlawed, “Liberal” season must begin, or we will become like England:  


Don’t understand? Start with my quotes page:  


Oct. 28, 2008

Gun Sales Thriving In Uncertain Times 

A note to trollr31 and the other "Liberal" freaks who posted here:  

I have my weapons because you freaks exist and vote for demagogues to hire thugs with badges to shove your socialist evil down my throat at the point of a govt. gun. But I won't waste my time on demagogues and thugs with badges when "Liberal" season comes. There's a "Liberal" freak down every street. It will be a target rich environment.  

Our tolerance is what fuels the amerikan communist insurgency. It's way past time to stop tolerating them.  

Don't understand? Go to my quotes page first:  


Oct. 11, 2008

Anger Is Crowd's Overarching Emotion at McCain Rally

Idiots. Anyone who believes anything any mainstream candidate says during a campaign deserves the outcomes.

mccommie won't fix anything anymore than obamacommie will. For mccommie's record go here:


Let Obamacommie win. He’ll keep the republicrats off the golf course, make lots of people mad, wake lots of sheeple up, and sell more guns and ammo than the Klintons did. He’s the kick in the teeth the Amerikan sheeple deserve. It will take one to get them off their lazy mindless butts.

And if we’re really lucky he’ll give us the reason to start “Liberal” season.

When you vote for the lesser of two evils long enough you eventually get more evil than you can handle. And all you republicrats fully deserve it.

Don't understand? Start here:


Oh, forgot to mention, if palin would do her duty and shoot mccommie with her moose gun then declare "Liberal" season I might vote for her. It might depend on how good a shot she is.

Darn it, just one more thing, spurred by paparay's post: When "Liberal" season begins, the newswhores die first. Hope to see you scum then.

Oct. 9, 2008

Thousands of Troops Are Deployed on U.S. Streets Ready to Carry Out "Crowd Control"

A few tank rounds through the washington post would be a bad thing? What am I missing here?

They need to park a tank in front of every, that's every, mainstream newsrag and tv news network and dare them to keep lying.

In the words of an old friend of mine, "In Vietnam they should have shot the reporters first."

In my words, they should have kept the troops at home and killed off the Amerikan Communist Insurgency before they went off to kill commies abroad.

The posts and links already added here attest to that dire need.

If the regime would target our real enemies with these troops they could call me at any time to help in any way. If they need someone to help tug on the rope when they hang mccommie or obamacommie all they gotta do is call.

But that isn't likely is it? The regime has acquired a habit of doing what it takes to survive, so no matter which of it's made boys makes it into the white house next January things will continue to disintegrate and the tiny number of netizens, left and right, who have some tiny smidgen of a clue, will continue to whine and say “go see my plan.”

It’s already hard to tell who the good guys are, and it will get harder, if there are any good guys left. In war it sometimes doesn’t take much to turn the ‘good guys’ into monsters.

If you value Liberty, remember this, the line between the viciousness necessary to win a fight and cruelty can be a thin one. And not all the enemies of Liberty, most of whom are white, non-jewish and were born here, will passively throw up their hands and say “Oh, we’re sorry we tried to shove our socialist garbage down your throats at the point of a govt. gun. We’re going home now to live in peace and Liberty with our neighbors.”

Won’t happen. We’re going to have to kill a lot of them if we ever see Liberty again.

The only ‘plan’ I have to offer is my quotes page:


…for a look at what has been done in the past and what will probably become necessary here.

And don’t miss my columns for another dose of reality:

http://www.willowtown.com/realit...ity/ columns.htm

Finally my message for “Liberal” freaks:

http://willowtown.com/reality/bl.../ blacksburg.htm

Oct. 4, 2008

Is This the Time For Violent Overthrow? 

I swear, you had better be right, because if one part of your excuse for cowardice comes true what do you think they're gonna do with your kind?:

"An illegitimate regime might struggle on for awhile through police state tactics, martial law and the like, but such things do not last for long." 

The Soviet Union 'struggled on' for, let me think, 70 years or so, killed tens of millions at home, and fed wars abroad killing hundreds of millions more. That's not too illegitimate I suppose.  

Well gee, what are we supposed to do while all that's happening? Are we supposed to go willingly to the camps, dig the ditch they tell us to dig and piss our pants when the machine gun bolts slam home?  

Those with some guts left need to start here:  


And don’t miss what Gandhi had to say about violence.  

Then go to my columns page:  


This 'movement,' the paul bot movement to be exact, has obviously been infiltrated from the start. As someone noted above that's what our enemies do. Yes they'll try to get you to do stupid things, but they'll also inject the sweet smelling "We'll never have to resort to violence," types.  

And for giggles don't miss my "10 rules for the voting booth": 


We need to stop wasting time arguing over whether it should be done and concentrate on recognizing when we no longer have a choice. History shows that to many it won't be clear until they're bleeding to death in a ditch they were told to dig 'for the garbage.'

Oct. 2, 2008

Five streams in county deemed unfit for swimming


Who swims in any of these creeks? What kind of crap are they coming up with now to control our private property and land use?

I have one thing to say: stay the hell off my land you govt. Nazis and eco-commies unless you want your asses full of buckshot.

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