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Editor's note: I have long said I wouldn't do a blog since blogs are essentially online diaries. But I find that many of my responses to online articles are deleted, or not posted in the first place by their 'moderators.' So I will attempt to post my comments here just in case the enemies I'm addressing decide I don't have the same 'freedom of speech' they lay claim to.

Generally there will be a headline for the article I ranted on with a link, following will be my comment. You are responsible for reading the column, article, editorial, propaganda(it's all propaganda).

And yes, I reserve the right to correct my typos.


Oct. 31, 2007

Hitlers, Hitlers and more Hitlers

Greenhead says "Whoever is next on the War List is always The New Hitler and the country they lead is always The New Nazi Germany. Anyone who wants the new war is the brave and glorious Churchill. Everyone who opposes the new war is the cowardly appeaser Chamberlain, willing to allow Hitler to Take Over the World and impose Caliphate and burquas and humiliation on everyone."

Let's look at this from another perspective:

Whoever is next on the anti-"Liberal" List is always The New Hitler, or a racist, extremist, right-winger, fascist, and the group they represent is always The New Klan. Anyone who wants to live in peace and Liberty in this country is the next brownshirts. Everyone who opposes "Liberal"(communist, progressive, socialist) policy, laws, regulations, taxes, is a McCarthyite, willing to allow Corpporations to Take Over the World and impose Captialism and slave wages and poverty on everyone."

Gee, I guess labeling is only wrong if you're not a "Liberal" freak. The American Communist Insurgency which transformed itself into modern “Liberal”ism should know because it invented labeling. Read Hitler’s Mein Kempf. In his chapter on propaganda he tells how he learned propaganda from the communists, the forefathers of today’s “Liberals.”

I will never forget how I was labeled by the “Liberal” freaks just because I stood up for my Liberty and my most basic right, that of self defense. Never forget.

This is just another "Liberal" rag. I don't know why so many don't see that. And I didn't vote for Dubya.


If not Ron Paul, "Liberal" season is in our future. I'm actually looking forward to it.


Sept. 25, 2007

Let’s Pry Open Those Cold, Dead Hands

My comments on this are many, and still posted. You have to go to their 'special discussion page' to view all of them.


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