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Editor's note: I have long said I wouldn't do a blog since blogs are essentially online diaries. But I find that many of my responses to online articles are deleted, or not posted in the first place by their 'moderators.' So I will attempt to post my comments here just in case the enemies I'm addressing decide I don't have the same 'freedom of speech' they lay claim to.

Generally there will be a headline for the article I ranted on with a link, following will be my comment. You are responsible for reading the column, article, editorial, propaganda(it's all propaganda).

And yes, I reserve the right to correct my typos.


"It's well beyond rage."

Dec. 30, 2008

The breakup of the U.S. 

Here’s my proposed new headline for Mr. Farah’s column:  

“Joseph Farah asks if you'd sit on a bullseye” 

Bet one: What he's suggesting is exactly what our enemies would love to see us try. All their targets sitting on one big bullseye.  

Bet two: If any mushroom clouds bloom they won't be over new yawk or the district of criminals.  

Anyone want to wager a steak dinner on this?  

Warning. We might have to cook the steaks over an open fire or one of those little cook stoves. And you might have to help me shoot it... and butcher it.  

Don’t understand? Read my quotes page first:  


Then rent and watch the movie “Michael Collins,” for a taste of what our future must hold.  


There will almost certainly be blood conflict. Three critical questions must be asked:  

Will the patriots fight in an intelligent manner or will they commit suicide?  

Will the patriots be able to agree on what they’re fighting for?  

Will the patriots be able to discern their enemies from their friends? 

Someone had better begin working on the answers NOW! 

To all you religious folk waiting to get beamed up: Ain’t gonna happen. It’s time you got off your asses and took responsibility for the world your descendants are going to be living in, or existing in.

Dec. 28, 2008

Obama shares FDR's arrogant conceit 

When will enough real Americans wake up and realize that to live under liberty again we will have to wage "Liberal" season?  

I personally will tolerate no more of their socialist laws and no more of their 'common sense gun control.' Won't happen.  

Don't understand? Start here:  


Then see what the lowlifes have done to England:  


That will NOT be tolerated here. We must begin to treat “Liberal”ism as the terminal cancer it is or we have no future worth existing in.  

And get ready. The Marxist mutt and his garbage will force us to blood conflict soon.

Dec. 27, 2008

Expect a showdown on gun control laws

littlejoe66 proves why we need our weapons and history shows we'll have to kill such creatures in great numbers to restore our Liberty.  

End of discussion.  

Don't understand? Start here:  


And don't miss what such evil creatures have done to England:  


Such evil will not be tolerated here. When guns are outlawed or registration is required "Liberal" season must begin.

Dec. 26, 2008

The Op-Ed the New York Times Wouldn’t Run 

Forgive me if someone covered these points above. But I just don't have time to read them all.

I did read a couple up top and one person couldn't understand why the new yawk slimes could do what they do. Let me make it clear:  

They are our enemies, the traitors within. They live for their commie revolution. Their ancestors infiltrated all the major media decades ago and our ancestors should have started killing them then just as the Jews shouldn't have waited until they were corralled in the Warsaw Ghetto to start killing Nazis.  

Yes, our enemies within are more subtle than the Nazis but the end result is the same: slavery, only worse than that which occurs under fascism.

If we don't start killing them soon we will be bowing down to them and kissing whatever they stick in our face.  

Don't understand? Start with my quotes page:  


Then see what this type of evil authoritarian garbage has done to England:


Dec. 25, 2008

When A School Shooter Seeks A License To Carry A Loaded, Concealed Handgun 

This is simply more propaganda to affect the simple minded.  

A couple points before the main point: If this guy is so dangerous, because of an act he committed as a child, why is he walking the street? Answer: it gives "Liberal" lowlife garbage like helmethead here something to propagandize about.  

It will take blood conflict to fix this country and restore Liberty. I'm looking forward to tugging on the rope around helmethead's neck, that's swung over a tree limb or light pole.  

Don't understand? Start here:


And don't miss what garbage like helmethead did to England:  


That will not be tolerated here. End of discussion.

(I will be highly surprised if the huffer post moderators allow this to post. They have shown similar dis-respect for my 'freedom of speech' in times past. It's all the more proof how we desperately need "Liberal" season.)

Dec. 14, 2008

“New Rules” for Obama’s National Civilian Security Force  

The old rules still apply:  

Kill as many of them as you can any way you can.  

Don't understand? Start here:  


Dec. 14, 2008

Blame me for job losses 

This is HILARIOUS… and this is my favorite line:  

"And that is but one example of why the lay-offs of November 2008 - which will be part of George W. Bush's statistical record - fall in reality on the Obama election. Business owners understand that the election of 2008 just gave a lot more power to people who think like these liberals in Illinois. For crying out loud, an Illinois liberal is now "President elect" and he chose another one for his Chief of Staff. He chose Michigan liberals for his economic team. Illinois and Michigan are broke!"

...caused me to break out in hysterical laughter, kinda' like you'd hear in one of those old 70s horror films.

And what this dumbass doesn't seem to grasp is that our enemies will send their commissars to his door eventually to take what he's put away so they can re-distribute it to their constituents. Then he can join those left alive in the bread line.  

If you're not getting ready to kill them you're in fantasy land.

Dec. 9, 2008

Spying on pacifists, environmentalists and nuns  

A lot of these 'pacifist' so-called and self-proclaimed groups are really commies. They should not only be watched but expelled from our country. They don't belong here.  

Their leaders should be arrested, tried for treason and executed.  

Don't understand? Start here:  


Dec. 9, 2008

Obama: Don't stock up on guns  

OK, so none believe the Marxist mutt for good reason. But how many are ready, willing and able to back up their purchases with action?  

These evil creatures may well be arrogant enough to pass 'stealth' disarmament laws that may affect our descendants more than us. 

Do we have the resolve to prevent this or to respond accordingly to their arrogance just as the militiamen did 200 plus years ago when the Brits moved to disarm them, by killing them?  

It will take blood conflict to restore our Liberty, if it can be restored.

Have a plan to kill every "Liberal" you know. It will come to that.  

Don't understand? Start here:  


 Post 2:

To answer a couple questions posed below, that I'm sick of hearing: 

Why are we letting criminals who can't be trusted with a weapon out of prison? Not all 'criminals' are in prison you say? Why is that exactly? Who benefits from that?  

The smart pro Liberty people sat this election out or voted for Chuck Baldwin. McCommie would have been no better than the Marxist mutt. The political process only works in the lesser races because more stupid sheeple stay home in those election cycles. They're not voting for a king to wave his magic wand and solve all their problems.  

No one becomes prez. in this country without the approval of the elites, who want us all disarmed so we are easier to manage, abuse, enslave, and treat as 'human resources.'  

Again, start here: 


Post 3:

Darn it, still forgot to mention: watch the movie "Michael Collins," for what our future holds, must hold, if we are to end this terminal cancer called "Liberal"ism that plagues us and will enslave us all if we don't do whatever is necessary to end it once and for all.  

When a handful of Jews started killing German soldiers in the Warsaw Ghetto, years after they should have started killing them by the way, they didn't first apply to the Nazi govt. for a 'license,' i.e. permission, to do so. They simply started killing their enemy with whatever weapons they could scrounge. We will not let it get to that point. Those who do deserve the outcomes.   

It will, must, be the same here. 

Again, start here: 


Dec. 5, 2008

30 Days Gun nation

The Founders didn't 'grant' us anything any more than the arrogant bastards in our modern governments 'grant' us anything. They acknowledged a natural born right.

I couldn't do what the gun owner did. When they came back for the brain dead wench I'd just have to say, "Uh, what woman?"

The stupid wench and her kin are so arrogant in their ignorance. They don't deserve to live in this country.

We've spent the last 15 years educating these idiots and they still want to force their evil down our throats. We need to ignore and repeal every 'gun law,' all 20,000 plus of them. They are all evil and all lead to one thing: confiscation:


We must begin to treat "Liberal"ism as the evil terminal cancer it is or we have no future.

Keep your ‘weapons,’ your ‘killing machines’ handy for in the near future we may no choice but to use them.

Have a plan to kill every "Liberal" you know. It may very well come to that.

Don't understand? Start here:


Dec. 2, 2008

Would the U.S. Government Use the Military Against Gun Owners? 

Have you ever heard of Lincoln's war? Have you ever heard of loyalists/Tories siding with the Brits?  

I've already covered this here:  


The best we can probably hope for is a 50/50 split. But then we'll have to be able to pay the volunteers and provide for their families while this protracted war plays out.  

All the while the evil ones will be recruiting from the cities and overseas. Nothing matters to them but victory, at any cost. They live for their revolution.  

Unless we harbor a similar commitment we are doomed to be their slaves, or to death.  

Don't understand? Start here:  


Dec. 1, 2008

Gun Law Update — Early Brady Plans Revealed  

It's no longer about what laws they pass. It's now whether we will live as their slaves or begin to kill those who would be our masters. 

Don't understand? Start here:  


Then see what these evil creatures have done to England:  


They must no longer be tolerated here. Watch the movie "Michael Collins" for what our future probably holds.

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