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"Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns,
why should we let them have ideas?" - Josef Stalin

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WNB December 2010

GOA's end of the year report

The past couple of years were supposed to be the worst on record, as far as gun rights are concerned. With the election of Barack Hussein Obama, Americans went rushing to gun stores and generated a buying spree that created shortages of firearms and ammunition around the country.

--- Hey, the Marxist mutt sold a lot of guns and ammo, woke up a sheeple and pissed a lot of people off. He was the kick in the ass Amerika needed.

--- some points:

In a case where GOA has submitted an amicus brief, the U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of free speech rights in the Citizens United case. The Court ruled unconstitutional huge portions of the McCain-Feingold law, which means that GOA will have greater freedom to hold legislators accountable for their anti-gun voting records.

--- It's incredible that McCommie still holds a u.S. Senate seat and that the republicrats haven't kicked the creature out of the party. We need to correct that evil.

GOA begins rallying the grassroots in several different states to pass Firearms Freedom Act legislation. These laws stipulate that a firearm which is made in a state -- and stays in the state -- is immune from federal gun laws that rely on the Interstate Commerce Clause for their justification.

--- The effort to do this in Kentucky failed because of "Liberal"(commie) garbage that controls certain committees. Get with Take Back Kentucky to see how you can help get it passed next time.

In October, GOA publishes its biannual Congressional Voter Guide.

For 20 years, GOA has been the only gun group publishing an open-source national rating for gun owners to use. Our rating has been so devastating in smoking out the anti-gun bias of phony politicians that the Brady Campaign even took us before an administrative court three years ago to try and silence us. They lost.

--- and the best:

As you know, we were able to get two gun bans repealed this past year -- the National Parks ban and the one on Amtrak trains. Now we are going to be lobbying to shut down the BATFE (or to put a straitjacket on them, at a minimum); to liberalize concealed carry (so good people aren't registered like sex offenders before exercising their rights); to block UN gun control; to pass Firearms Freedom Acts (which allow states to imprison any federal official who tries to enforce unconstitutional gun control laws); and much, much more.

--- Reading all that shows that we have a long way to go. So join GOA and start forming, training and arming your local militia for what will most certainly be required of those who claim to love Liberty.

Our most basic right goes international?


It would take many dead international commies and other assorted authoritarians to bring that about...

School board votes to clear hunter's record

A 16-year-old hunter in Montana who was threatened with expulsion from her public school after she forgot a rifle in the trunk of her car after a holiday trip and drove it to a school parking lot has been told her record will be cleared at the end of this school year.

--- It shouldn't matter if she was in Montana or Chicago or any damn where else. These evil laws must be repealed, along with GCA '68(de facto gun registration) and the NFA. We must organize the Militias to stop them or any new ones from being enforced.

Supreme Muddled Thinking: Justice Breyer gets the 2nd Amendment Wrong

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer demonstrated some typically muddled progressive reasoning on Fox News Sunday, contending the founders would have supported modern gun control laws and sided with the dissenters in the 2008 case D.C. v. Heller.

In a nutshell, Breyer says the framers (James Madison in particular) put the Second Amendment in the Constitution, but they didn’t really mean it.

He argues that the Second Amendment was included simply to ensure ratification of the Constitution, but that the framers didn’t really philosophically believe in protecting the individual right to bear arms.

--- Just another use for a good rope.

It's called 'wasting your time in exchange for enough money to exist on'


Replacing one evil with a greater evil is not an accomplishment. We must protect individual rights, in and out of the workplace. I don't exist under the false impression that the ones who run these corporations give a damn whether I live or die or what my individual dreams may be. They call us 'human resources' because they views us as tools or lumps of coal, not human beings.

Virginia AG Wins Court Challenge To ObamaCare

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli won a major victory today when a federal judge in Richmond ruled ObamaCare's individual mandate unconstitutional.

Of course, this battle over the anti-gun national heath care law -- which could allow the government to disarm many gun owners based on medical records -- is not over.  Twenty other states, led by Florida, also have legal challenges to ObamaCare, and this issue is guaranteed to go to the U.S. Supreme Court

Kentucky's police state says 'don't text while driving after Jan. 1'

A reminder to all Kentucky drivers:  Fines begin Jan. 1, 2011, for anyone caught texting while driving and for those under 18 who use a cell phone while driving.  Violators will be liable for fines of $25 on a first offense and $50 on each subsequent offense, plus court costs.

--- So how can the Nazis tell if a driver is 'texting' or dialing in a number? They have to pull you over and prove it, maybe in court, thus giving them a chance to 'inspect' you for more revenue enhancing violations. This is just more revenue enhancement and control under the ruse of safety. End of discussion. We need to repeal this and many other 'laws' in this state and nation. We need to elect law repealers not 'law makers.'

The rise of Congressman Ron Paul


Follow the link above to the originating page for more vids. Makes one wonder why the Russians are so interested. See next story.

Russian company to open coal plant in Keystone, West Virginia

A Russian mining and steel company announced Monday its plans to launch a new plant in Keystone, West Virginia that will allow the company to double production metallurgical coal.

Mechel OAO says its new plant will be worth $12 million, and will be be able to process about 3 million tons of coal annually, though the company said it will start with only 1 million tons.

‘Prince of Pork’ to Chair Appropriations

House Republican leaders went with Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY) – a.k.a. “The Prince of Pork” – to chair the House Appropriations Committee. As I wrote last week, the prospect of Rogers chairing Appropriations is about as inspiring as re-heated meatloaf when it comes to his potential for pushing serious spending reforms.

Republican leaders in the House chose to ignore the concerns of tea party activists and other proponents of limited government, who were more supportive of Rep. Jack Kingston’s (R-GA) dark-horse push for the chairmanship. Kingston’s plan to “change the culture” on Appropriations offered a lot of positive ideas suggesting that he was more in tune with the voters that gave Republicans the majority.

Southern Party of Georgia seeks to correct the PC History channel


Gee, we know why the Yankees hate that one so much...

The Marxist mutt is quietly erasing our borders

Acting quietly, below the radar of U.S. public opinion and without congressional approval, the Obama administration is implementing a key policy objective of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, or SPP, to erase the border with Mexico and Canada.

The administration is acting under a State Department-declared policy initiative described in a March 23 fact sheet titled "United States-Mexico Partnership: A New Border Vision."

Commie Chavez looks to commies in u.S. Congress for support of his dictatorship

President Hugo Chavez is using a friendly lame-duck congress to seek broad powers to rule by decree for the next year — a plan that drew strong criticism Wednesday from the U.S. government and opponents who called it a blow to democracy.

For almost five years, Chavez has enjoyed near total control of Venezuela's National Assembly thanks to a strategic blunder by his foes, who boycotted 2005 elections. That untrammeled power comes to an end Jan. 5 when a new congress arrives, with enough opposition lawmakers to hinder some types of major legislation.

--- The only question that matters is: Why do we allow commies to hold political office, whether elected, appointed or hired? We need a constitutional amendment to forbid that. Each state, county and city should have one as well.

The "Liberal"(commie) freaks who don't like that are free to leave this land mass.

And we treat our humans little better


There is always lots of evil for the commies to point to so they can introduce their 'solutions.' We must stop choosing one version of authoritarianism over another.

Look who's now getting special travel privileges

In a further indication that the "North American Union" agenda is quietly proceeding under what remains of the Security and Prosperity Partnership initiative in the Obama administration, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano signed, with little fanfare, an agreement in Mexico that would extend special "trusted traveler" access to the U.S. to an estimated 84 million Mexicans.

--- Just what they need, more commie voters.

Bennett: GOP might pass own version of DREAM Act next year

Outgoing Sen. Bob Bennett (R-Utah) said Friday he's privately discussed the prospect that Republicans would pursue their own version of the DREAM Act next year.

Bennett said he would vote for the immigration legislation, which gives immigrants who were illegally brought to the U.S. as children a conditional pathway to citizenship, if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) brought it to the floor under the right conditions.

--- The republicrats still aren't getting it. Neither are many 'conservatives' and Libertarians. It will take more than a few election cycles to fix this country if it can be fixed. Think Normandy.

Bring back that ol' commie propaganda...

As Mexico drug violence runs rampant, U.S. guns tied to crime south of border

No other state has produced more guns seized by police in the brutal Mexican drug wars than Texas. In the Lone Star State, no other city has more guns linked to Mexican crime scenes than Houston. And in the Texas oil town, no single independent dealer stands out more for selling guns traced from south of the border than Bill Carter.

--- Didn't even bother to read all this one. But I did leave them a nice comment:

We need to send all the BATF Nazis, "Liberal"(commie) newswhores and other assorted garbage to Mexico so they can share their ideas of Liberty destroying utopia with the drug lords.

Of course the drug lords will immediately lay down their arms and peace will reign.

What we really need is a thorough and extensive "Liberal" season(think deer season, only different quarry), preceded by the House of Representatives cutting off all funding from the evil garbage at the BATF. Then those creatures need to be arrested, tried for treason and executed. Their retirement plans could then be directed to their victims.

Don’t understand? Start here.

And don’t miss my column on last summer's SCOTUS decision on the Second Amendment, the amendment that recognizes our right, duty and responsibility to wage “Liberal”(commie) season because our most basic right is self defense against tyranny in government and the right to kill if necessary those who would enslave us further.

He was faking it...


The creature he's talking about was probably trying to run as a republicrat. Nothing new there.

Russian sub hunting planes buzz joint Japan/u.S. naval exercises

The United States and Japan were all set for a day of joint naval practice yesterday when two very uninvited and disruptive guests showed up: Russian sub-hunting planes.

The U.S. and Japanese navies were in the Sea of Japan for their biennial Keen Sword exercises in the largest U.S.-Japan defense drill to date when two Il-38 Anti-Submarine Warfare planes buzzed the assembled warships, forcing the U.S. to scramble F-15s to intercept them. The exercise was briefly postponed in order to prevent the Russian sub-hunters from snooping on the naval operations.

Russia defended its actions, saying the planes were operating legally in international waters. It’s nonetheless annoying for the U.S. and Japan — and that may be the point.

Famous Christian landmark tree chopped down in Britain

A rare thorn tree with ties to Queen Elizabeth II and the early days of Christianity has been vandalized, leaving investigators searching for a motive in the pre-Christmas attack.

The well-loved Glastonbury Holy Thorn Tree near the summit of Wearyall Hill has been reduced to a stump, its historic limbs sawed off in what local officials believe was a deliberate attack.

--- The Brits have become a sick bunch. This is more of what they get when they neglected to start killing their "Liberals"(commies) when they were ordered to disarm.

And more Brit insanity



Marine Corps Chief: 'Distraction' of Gays Serving Openly Could Cost Marines Limbs

Using graphic imagery and his strongest language to date, the new Marine Corps commandant spoke out again Tuesday against a repeal of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, this time suggesting that a change in the law would risk maiming Marines because of the "distraction."

In a background briefing with a handful of Pentagon reporters, Gen. James Amos said a repeal of the law that bans gays from openly serving could prove to be a life-threatening distraction for combat Marines. Fox News was not invited to the briefing, but the military newspaper "Stars and Stripes" provided an audio recording.

--- At least some of the officers have a little common sense left. Now if they'd only bring the troops home and hunt our real enemies.

3 Myths about the 2010 election

Myth #1 - We elected a group of fiscal consersatives.

A nation of thieves

Obama is by no means unique; his characteristics are shared by other Americans, but what is unique is that no other time in our history would such a person been elected president. That says a lot about the degeneration of our culture, values, thinking abilities and acceptance of what's no less than tyranny. As Sowell says, "Barack Obama is unlike any other president of the United States in having come from a background of decades of associations and alliances with people who resent this country and its people." In 2008, Americans voted for Obama's change. Let's look at some of it.

--- The members of the Amerikan Communist Insurgency are not Americans because they hate human Liberty. They can't be traitors because one cannot commit treason against something one hates. They are enemies within the gates who must be exiled or eradicated.

Why politicians are like those 'magic' bracelets

They promise fiscal responsibility. Then they spend like drunken sailors.

They promise to cure poverty. Then their programs make it worse.

They promise to create jobs. But then they make life so complex and unpredictable that entrepreneurs are afraid to create jobs.

Almost none of their promises come true. But few people approach government with the skepticism it deserves.

Whether you believe in God – or psychics, or global warming – that's your business. I may think you're stupid, but if you waste your money on, say, a "strength" bracelet, you only harm yourself.

But being gullible about government hurts everyone. Government is force. When it sells us bunk, we have to pay even if we don't believe in or want it. If we don't pay up, men with guns will make sure we do.

It's good to be skeptical. It's really good to be skeptical about government.


Take Back Kentucky - Now working to repeal the 17th Amendment to the u.S. Constitution and bring hemp to Kentucky farmers

Heartland Tea Party meetings in central Kentucky


Project Appleseed Kentucky schedule

Project Appleseed now features 'Winterseed' 

Holiday events at Kentucky State Parks

Winter Adventure Weekend Planned Jan. 28-30 at Carter Caves State Resort Park - with winter survival


Phil Moffett for Governor

Putting some scale to our problems



Via Email - An Arab father and son talk

A young Arab asks his father, "What is that weird hat you are wearing?"
The father said, "Why, it's a 'chechia' because in the desert it protects our heads from the sun."

"And what is this type of clothing that you are wearing?" asked the young man.
"It's a 'djbellah' because in the desert it is very hot and it protects your body." said the father.
The son asked, "And what about these ugly shoes on your feet?"

His father replied, "These are 'babouches,' which keep us from burning our feet when in the desert."

"Tell me, Abba?" added the boy.
"Yes, my son?"
"Why are we living in Dearborn , Michigan and you're still wearing all this junk?"

Quote for the times

"You do not know, and will never know, who the Remnant are, nor where they are, nor how many of them there are, nor what they are doing or will do. Two things you know, and no more: first, that they exist; second, that they will find you." — Albert Jay Nock


"Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security." -
The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America,
Adopted by Congress on July 4, 1776
(To the Founders, 'state' meant independent sovereign nation state,
that was voluntarily entering into the union and could theoretically un-volunteer later.)

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Watch to see what we should be teaching kids
to do to "Liberals" so they'll actually
have a future in a free country:

“No small shot gun, during my residence of seven years of war in America, was ever kept in the house of a backwoodsman. You will often see a boy not over ten years of age driving the cattle home, but not without a rifle on his shoulder; they never stir out on any business, or on a journey without their rifles. Practice from their infancy, teaches them all distances…

 “I never in my life saw better rifles (or men who shot better) than those made in America. They are chiefly made in Lancaster, and two or three neighboring towns in that vicinity in Pennsylvania. The barrels weigh about six pounds two or three ounces and carry a ball no larger than thirty-six to the pound; at least I never saw one of a larger caliber, and I have seen many hundreds and hundreds.” - Colonel George Hanger, captain of a Hessian Jager corps of the American Revolution, as quoted in Muzzleloader Magazine's 'The Book of Buckskinning.'

Our civilization has been taken from mindless aggression to mindless pacifism. The latter is the most dangerous by far. We must put knowledge of our most basic right, that of self-defense, back into the hands and minds of the young, or they are doomed to be mindless pacified slaves, and most importantly 'victims' who can be used as pawns by those who seek to maintain their power over us all.

"Children should be educated and instructed in the principles of freedom." - John Adams, Defense of the Constitutions, 1787

"To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them." - Richard Henry Lee (1732-1794) Founding Father

"Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined... The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able might have a gun." – Patrick Henry, Speech to the Virginia Ratifying Convention, June 5, 1778

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