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Generally there will be a headline for the article I ranted on with a link, following will be my comment. You are responsible for reading the column, article, editorial, propaganda(it's all propaganda).

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Dec. 31, 2007

Walter Reddy On Vote Fraud

The solution is simple. I've read that in the early days of the republic all votes were public. Get rid of the private vote. After the polls have closed on the west coast, or in Hawaii, maybe the next day, post all votes, with the voters names, addresses, etc., online, by precinct, by county, by state. Everyone with internet access can verify their own vote and count the votes in their area. NGOs with the time to do such can verify all votes. We have the technology and the need to do this now.

Dec. 30, 2007

ATF says more guns sent illegally south of the border

It's way past time to disband the BATF Gestapo force, immediately de-fund their retirement plans, for all agents, past and present, arrest and try for murder all who were involved in the Mt. Carmel assault, repeal the machine gun/suppressor tax which was designed to give the Nazis job security, and of course repeal GCA 68'. That would be a good start, but only a good start.

Dec. 6, 2007

Are there guns at the home of your child's pal? Ask

An un-accessible weapon is useless. While toddlers not yet old enough to understand the possible dangers of such tools as steak knives, rat poison, plastic bags, lighters, electrical outlets, and “Liberal” newspapers should be closely watched, it is stupid to not have a weapon available that can be made useful within the micro-seconds that a home invasion or personal attack can involve.  

It is even more dangerous to allow one’s children to stay with simple minded adults who believe the police are there to protect them and who have never taken the time to purchase and learn to use a home or personal defense weapon, preferably a firearm, shotgun for home defense, handgun for out on the town, and of course a semi or fully automatic rifle or carbine for govt. tyrants.

What happened in a mall yesterday, probably a ‘gun free zone,’ is an excellent example of why we don’t want our kids hanging out with the simple minded who mindlessly go about in never land pretending they are safe everywhere and need not be ready to defend themselves regardless of what evil laws or rules would forbid them their natural born most basic right, that of self defense.

The creatures who would disarm this society so it can’t fight back against their evil would have us believe our guns should be ‘locked away and unloaded’ so they can next claim, “since they are useless for self-defense you might as well turn them in.”  

Not all of us are stupid enough to go along with this mindless garbage. Children have grown up with guns in their homes for generations in this country and that must continue. Only a tiny percentage are involved in home shootings or suicides. In this country we don’t punish or disarm all for the actions of a few. 

We will take children to the range at an appropriate age and show them how to shoot, what to shoot, and what shooting something or someone can do. We will teach them that they may have to shoot a criminal someday and will probably have to eventually shoot the creatures who will never stop trying to disarm and thus enslave them as is happening in England and Australia.

England has become a cesspool due to “Liberal” think and an un-assimilated immigrant population that has little respect for the English way of life or for civilized behavior. Don’t believe me, read their newspapers online. Or better yet go to my website and scroll down to ‘British Insanity’: http://www.willowtown.com/reality/blacksburg.htm

All ‘gun control,’ including the mindset subtly portrayed by Gene McIntyre is about conditioning us to accept more ‘control’ until it is becomes obvious to even the most stupid that it was about ‘control’ all along.

The one thing McIntyre is right about is his use of the word ‘contempt.’ I do have contempt for creatures who ‘think’ like he does, if one can call it thinking.

For an expanded look at this go to my column.

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