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"Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns,
why should we let them have ideas?" - Josef Stalin

WNB April 2010

April 29, 2010

Commies forcing statehood for Puerto Rico, to get more control over all of us

"The United States House of Representatives is set to vote on H.R. 2499, the Puerto Rico Democracy Act, as early as this week. This bill would mandate a non-binding expression by the voters of Puerto Rico as to their wishes with regard to retaining their commonwealth status or becoming a state or becoming an independent nation, but in conjunction with other legislation already introduced inside Puerto Rico, the commonwealth status of the island could be eliminated as early as this year."

My comment on this one:

The creatures behind this evil are communists and rich elitist Marxists. Why can't you simply call them what they are? The Birchers once had no fear of calling evil, evil.  

It will take many expensive suits hanging along Pennsylvania Ave. to fix this mess if it can be fixed. It will take an extended "Liberal" season whereby our greatest enemies, who are white and who were born here, are either hunted and killed or given a leaky rowboat and a broken oar and told to make their way to Europe where they belong.  

Don't understand? Start here. 

Then share and prepare for what will be required of those who claim to love Liberty.

And this is what I added on to their message to our congress critters:

Stop allowing them to lie about what they are. They're communists. Stop allowing them to hide behind their cute labels: 'progressive' and "Liberal."  

If the Republicans had, during the time they controlled the u.S. Congress and White House, arrested and tried for treason all the members of the 'progressive' caucus and other known communists, and executed them as should be done, we wouldn't be facing these evil issues now.

Latest propaganda piece on militias


"The United States is one of the few Western democratic countries that permit independent militias.

"Their rapid growth coincides with a sharp rise in partisan rhetoric as the November U.S. congressional elections draw nearer. Depending on your perspective, they are either patriots or paranoid. Experts in law enforcement and academia are divided as to how big an actual threat they may pose. But they all agree on one thing: the groups are very well armed."

And don't miss their vid. It proves when the war starts the mainstream commie newswhores must die first. Aw heck, here's the little freak: 

Oh, and the garbage 'permits' us to have a militia, much like the king 'permitted' the colonial militias. Of course the king didn't give his 'permission' for the colonial militias to kill British soldiers. Wars for Liberty are not waged with 'permission.'

These creatures are garbage. It's way past time to stop tolerating their evil among us. ________________________________________________________ 

Here's a real job for the militias

"On the first Tuesday in November, two uniformed men arrived at a voting place and took up positions by the entry doors. In the hours that followed, they harassed voters and election officials, hurled racial epithets and physically blocked persons of other races who sought to cast their votes for president of the United States. One of the men brandished a nightstick. "

This would be perfect PR for the militias. Station at least two militia members outside as many polling places as possible, armed only with handguns, probably concealed, with proper paperwork unfortunately. Have a sign or signs proclaiming thusly:

"We are here to make sure all who choose to may vote safely and without interference."

Let the "Liberal"(commie) freaks whine about it all they want. The militia wouldn't be campaigning so legally there would be nothing that the enemies of Liberty could do about it. Maybe a few of them would get the idea that they should leave the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The problem of course, is the lack of a constitutional amendment forbidding known communists from holding any elected, hired or appointed public office that involves taking an oath to uphold the Constitution and particularly the Bill of Rights.

Once said elected, hired or appointed public servants sponsor, co-sponsor or vote for clearly communistic/authoritarian legislation, or legislation the SCOTUS, as screwed up as it is, votes is un-constitutional, the offenders are arrested, tried for treason and executed the same day.

Something you may soon need:


This little whiny commie says 'tea parties' have no problem with big govt.

"The Arizona immigration bill is one of the largest expansions of government power ever passed by any state.  The law not only authorizes law enforcement, but requires them to ask for identification from anyone they have "reasonable suspicion" of being an illegal immigrant.  If the subject does not produce satisfactory identification they can then be arrested.  This "reasonable person" standard is vague to say the least, opening up anyone in Arizona to potential abuse from the state."

And in a way, it's right. Many of the Johnny come lately 'tea partiers' are republicrats who are angling for more control. That's simple sad political reality. That's how our enemies operate: infiltrate and manipulate. Because this is a war.

The immigration problem is simple: the problem is the American Communist Insurgency wants to add to its ranks via illegal and legal immigrants from countries where communist sympathies are widely held. Their propagandists turn it into a 'race' issue and plead, "Why won't you compromise with us?" while pushing their guilt trips.

The real problem is that we aren't targeting the communists among us for expulsion or eradication, the vast majority of whom are white and were born here.

We must stop voting for one version of authoritarianism over another. And walls work both ways. Is the IRS pursuing these 'illegal' workers for non-payment?

The Nazis can already demand we submit via providing a 'drivers license'(permission to drive our own vehicles down a public highway), proof of insurance, and vehicle registration if pulled over or stopped at a 'check point.' I'm certain we'll be seeing the "Liberal"(communist) freaks and republicrats working hard to repeal those evils.

Glenn Beck doesn't give real patriots their walking orders. It's unfortunate that a tool of the elites is being used to try to manipulate 'conservatives' and Libertarians but that's part of the war we're involved in.

Not a bad idea:




 The reality is many will have to be forced out...


Mexico issues travel alert over new Arizona law

"The Mexican government warned its citizens Tuesday to use extreme caution if visiting Arizona because of a tough new law that requires all immigrants and visitors to carry U.S.-issued documents or risk arrest."

Don't miss the comments...

And in memoriam:


We are allowed to whine and complain all we want, as long as we don't fight back... ________________________________________________________

ote for the times

"Laws are made for men of ordinary understanding and should, therefore, be construed by the ordinary rules of common sense. Their meaning is not to be sought for in metaphysical subtleties which may make anything mean everything or nothing at pleasure." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Johnson, 1823

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