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"It's well beyond rage."

Jan. 31, 2009

Ted Nugent Ready to Battle Antigunners for the NRA 

If the Nuge will do what must be done: organize and train and arm the militia for "Liberal" season, as the NRA should have started doing years ago, it'd be great.  

But the NRA is a rich boys club that was long ago infiltrated by our DOMESTIC ENEMIES as is evidenced by many of the comments on these pages.  

Join Gun Owners of America, the only ‘no compromise’ gun lobby and get ready for when the politics doesn't work at all any more. With the evil in control of the congress and the white house that will likely happen soon.  

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Jan. 24, 2009

Joe Biden: Wealthy Paying Higher Taxes Patriotic Thing To Do

I'm all for the rich being patriotic in the way the Founding Fathers were: by laying their lives and fortunes on the line and recruiting, training and leading a military force that can take this country back by waging "Liberal" season until enough of the scum are dead that we can live in Liberty again.  

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They will force a "Michael Collins" (watch the movie) scenario on us soon.

Jan. 24, 2009

Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid: taxes are voluntary in America

How incredibly evil this creature is. I'd like to tie it down and start on its extremities with a Louisville slugger and with each blow ask it "Is this voluntary because I'm allowing you to scream?!!!"  

We need "Liberal" season. We need it now. We needed it 70 years ago.  

When are the MEN of this country going to reach down and grab their balls and stiffen their backbones and go to the District of Criminals and do what MUST be done????!!!!  

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Jan. 22, 2009

Obama’s Nightmare “Green Agenda” Officially Unveiled

Can’t wait to see my first ‘green brigade’ member. It’ll make excellent tree food.

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The share and prepare.

Jan. 21, 2009

Obama’s Inaugural: Hubris Will Bring Him Down 

The Marxist mutt didn't 'deflate' anyone but those stupid enough to think he might do something worthwhile. Well, he could, in the same way that Hitler, Stalin or Bill Klinton managed to do 'a few good things.'  

Enough with that. Your last line really disturbs me. You write: "....that while Americans will never fail..." 

Excuse me but the sheeple failed when they put this candidate for the gallows in the White House. The sheeple and most 'conservatives/Libertarians/christians' fail to understand what he may force upon us, maybe in the first few weeks of his administration.  

Their apathy, cowardice and failure to give a damn in general will do more harm than any single demagogue.  

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The share and prepare.

Jan. 20, 2009

U.S.-Mexico border violence persists 

First of all we need to shut down the BATF Nazi scum, arrest and try for murder all those involved in the Mt. Carmel attack and the attempt to incriminate Randy Weaver and for railroading David Olofson who sits in prison on trumped up charges because of these lowlife despicable creatures.   

Secondly we need to end the retirement programs for all BATF Nazis past and present and give the money to their victims.  

As far as Mexico goes 3 points:  

Fences and walls work both ways.  

We need to flood Mexico with guns, making sure each adult male and female has one to use to defend their property and loved ones from their and our corrupt governments and from common criminals. If the corrupt oligarchic/marxist govt. of Mexico doesn't like it then it's time for regime change, just as it will probably soon be here. 

The drug war only keeps drugs profitable, for the elites who run them from behind the scenes, for the prison corporations, for the cops who get paid extra for fighting a ‘war’ that was never intended to be won.  

If/when civil war comes to this country it will start from within, not from Mexico, because many of us have had enough.  

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Then share, and prepare.

Jan. 20, 2009

Local teens weigh in on safety in school 

If a gun scares a child it's because its idiotic parents and so-called educators have failed in their jobs. But then it's not the job of the schools to 'educate' but to indoctrinate in a love for big brother govt.

My handgun that I carry EVERYWHERE has yet to shoot anyone but if I'm ever told to turn it in it will kill many "Liberal' freaks who want to force us to live stupidly in their police state, so help me God.  

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We must begin to treat "Liberals" as the rats that host the fleas that carry the plague or we have no future worth existing in.

Jan. 19, 2009

Pray Obama fails 

"Liberals" are communists who seek to destroy our Liberty and establish total authoritarianism. Go here to see what they have done to England:  


Amerika needs to wake up and conduct "Liberal" season before it's too late. We need to bring the troops home and let them hunt "Liberals." We should have kept them home during the Korean and Vietnam conflicts and let them kill the commies here before we sent them overseas. 

With any luck the Marxist Mutt will bring this on. We need to treat "Liberals" as the rats that host the fleas that carry the plague. If we do not step up to this necessity we will be their slaves because there is no limit to their insanity/evil. 

Don't understand? Start here:  


Then share.

(See my column on this issue here since WND lacks the courage to post my comments.)

Jan. 12, 2009

Nanny State Regulations May Put Small Manufacturers of Children’s Goods Out of Business

Not to worry. In the not-to-distant future this will be like the old Soviet Union. There will be so many laws the govt. won't be able to enforce them all and there'll be a black market in everything.  

The cops will be easily bribed as in most third world countries and the ones that aren't, well, we will still have our guns and shovels.  

Oh we won't have our guns you say? Well maybe the cowards who register and turn them in won't. But then there'll probably be a black market in weapons and ammo. Pity the BATF Nazi scum who finds the ammo factory. They think they had a hard time during prohibition… 

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Jan. 4, 2009

Pat Robertson: God says U.S. will accept socialism 

Oil at $300 a barrel is better? Can the average person afford $10 a gallon gas!!!???? 

He's probably reciting what he heard at the last bilderberg meeting. Money is his god. Dumbasses are his stock in trade.  

I will not welcome socialism. We need to open "Liberal" season before it's too late. The preachers who drone on about Romans 13 need to be dragged from their pulpits and hung.  

We need preachers like we had during the revolution who stood up and formed militia fighting units.  

Robertson is just another NWO hack who's conditioning his stupid mainstream 'christian' listeners for the police state that the Marxist mutt will force down our throats if we don't stand up and start killing our real DOMESTIC enemies.  

End of discussion. 

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Jan. 3, 2009

Moonbat Graveyard Flops

We're forgetting a few things here folks. Three or four generations ago only the rich were buried in crypts or steel caskets or vaults.  

Most people were rural and poor. The growth of the funeral scam industry was a reaction to people being dirt poor and wanting to do things like the rich folk did. End of story.  

My grandmother died in August. Her and her husband's funerals, he died ten years earlier, totaled $17,000. That's a lot more than they ever earned in a year in their lifetimes.  

Their grandparents, and some parents were buried in pine boxes and we drank spring water all the time I was growing up as did most of our neighbors. Yet they felt some absurd need, societal, 'christian,' whatever, to waste the cost of a good used car to put a dead body in the ground.  

Here in podunk Kentucky I often see jars families have left in convenience stores trying to raise money for expensive funerals for a family member who died suddenly. Usually it's a kid or young adult.  

I'd like to have a dollar for every cow, deer, dog, hog, cat, etc. that has rotted to the ground in this country since the scam artists who run funeral homes started encouraging their guilt trips. I could buy Texas and still pay for a lot of overpriced funerals.  

Of course there's a law that dead cows are supposed to be hauled away. They're often drug to the back forty for the coyotes. If you’ve never seen a dead body with waves of maggots coming out of it, I encourage it. It’s a dose of reality most never experience but may soon considering the way things are going in this country. Mother Nature takes care of her own in her own way and has been doing so for a long time. 

An older friend died this year. He was buried near his house on his land in a pine box un-embalmed. His family made a few calls when he died and found that his last wishes were indeed 'legal.' I had tried to research these issues earlier and was told by various people, funeral directors, that embalming and a casket were required.  

I want to be buried similarly to the gentleman above, wrapped in a white sheet, three feet down, un-embalmed, with three American chestnut trees around me. A flat marker that can be mowed over would be acceptable. Let the cows keep the grass mowed and if they crap on the stone once in a while the acid rain will wash it off.  

But it's unlikely that my wishes will be upheld because I'll probably die in the upcoming "Liberal" season we so desperately need and which will probably be forced upon us soon.  

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