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"It's well beyond rage."

March 28, 2008

Radical Tucson environmentalist gets 1 year, 1 day for speech

I can't feel sorry for the eco commie but his conviction is evil. We apparently have no freedom of speech left. The Founders giving instructions on how to kill and blow up British soldiers would be arrested by the Fed Nazis. What a sad time for what's left of our republic. If we can't fight for the right to fight back, we have nothing to fight for.

March 28, 2008

Ron Paul and Liberty on TV, Every DAY?

The weaponvision is all the sheeple pay attention to. As I heard Limbaugh say one day, on one of the rare occasions I've actually listened to him, "most people don't listen to talk radio."

That requires too much brain power. Reading requires too much brain power. We have to make Liberty sound easier than socialism. Until that happens the obamacommies of the world will continue to attract the rats, darn I hate insulting such an intelligent animal, pigs, darn it, another intelligent animal, sheeple, who just want a check and a simple solution to their problems. Better yet, they want someone else to solve all their problems without them ever knowing they had a problem.

March 25, 2008

Keanu Reeves Brings Different Message With Him In ‘Day The Earth Stood Still’

The first one was global communist propaganda designed to get us all to surrender more control over every aspect of our lives. This one will be global communist propaganda designed to get us all to surrender more control over every aspect of our lives. Nothing’s changed but the propaganda. And it comes from hollyweird which has long been full of communists. McCarthy was right.


March 21, 2008

Why Britain needs an Obama

Why would you want to hire a communist to fix the problems created by British communists?

[link edited for length]

 We all, worldwide, need to treat our communists, by whatever cute names they call themselves, as the cancer they are.

March 21, 2008

Obama Offers a Progressive Vision of Patriotism

"Progressives" are "Liberals" which are communists, socialists, authoritarians so they cannot be 'patriots.' They are evil and should be hunted. Obamacommie should be arrested, tried for treason and executed, based on his voting record, as should Hiterly and McCommie.  

America needs "Liberal" season in the worst way.  

Go here:  


to see what the "Liberal" cancer will do to our country, as it has already done to England.  

We don't tolerate cancer, so why do we tolerate "Liberals?"

March 18, 2008

The Coming Showdown on Gun Control

Try to pull your head out of your ass, will ya?

Classical Liberals are the reason we have a Bill of Rights that listed the Right to Bear arms against govt. tyranny as one of the inalienable rights we are born with. So the Uzis and AKs as well as the 2nd amend. have nothing to do with 'hunting' four legged critters.

It's about hunting two-legged tyrants.

Modern "Liberals," who started calling themselves "Liberal" after communist and socialist became politically incorrect a few years back, are those tyrants, and they have infiltrated both major political parties, the demoncrats and the republicrats.

Stealing is stealing, whether you do it from the rich or the poor. Charity comes from the heart, not the barrel of a govt. gun. When you elect someone to hire someone to stick a gun in my face to force your socialist garbage down my throat you have declared war against me and fully deserve the consequences.

Did you even bother to go to my website and educate yourself? Better start now. You're way behind. Start here:


March 12, 2008

The Coming Showdown on Gun Control

If you don’t think I should have my guns, you’re the reason I have weapons.

When guns are outlawed, “Liberal” season must begin. Or we will be their slaves.



March 12, 2008

Appeasing Islam 

Peace? Freedom? You Brits gave up both when you turned your guns into your govt. That was your most cowardly act. You should have started killing your "Liberals" on that day.

Now you fully deserve what ever evil they force down your throats.


March 12, 2008

Alcohol petition making its rounds

I'm not opposed to having a beer with a meal, just don't tell me I can't drive home afterwards, when I'm no more 'impaired' than the average sleep deprived, over-stressed truck driver or soccer mom.

But Campbellsville shouldn't stop with going moist. With our new guvner's help we can force out a few more businesses and put a casino next to the courthouse, excuse me, ‘just-us center.’ The old hotel across from the Big Dawg would make a classy looking brothel, all downtown to keep the shysters busy and the new jail solvent.

March 12, 2008

Study: 1 in 4 teen girls has an STD

The "Liberal" lowlifes are great at the propaganda game. Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf that he learned propaganda from the communists, what the "Liberals" used to call themselves before Josef Stalin's murderous ways became known to the western sheeple, after years of our newspapers covering up his evil.

"Disease rates were significantly higher among black girls."

Well, duh, their culture has been destroyed by the "Liberal"(communist) welfare plan that paid teenage girls to have babies without fathers for generations. Their culture was intentionally turned into a victim class so they could be counted on to participate in the "Liberal" vote buying scheme called socialism.  

Just vote for Obamacommie, he’ll make it all better.  


March 12, 2008

Brits overrun town for training exercise

The Brit govt. disarmed its civilian population, thus they are now a tyranny and can no longer be considered our allies.

Many "Liberal" lowlife traitors in this country would love to repeat that process here. But, we won't comply like the cowardly Brit sheeple.

A second Lexington and Concord is probably in our future. The threat to 'civilians’ will really be to the "Liberal" lowlifes who want to enslave us all, as they have done to the British sheeple.


March 10, 2008

Republican Congressman King: Terrorists Will "Dance In the Streets" With Obama Victory

You stupid pigs. I didn’t have time to read all these comments so the rare exception please excuse me. Both parties have been ‘in power’ for 140 years plus. THEY and their MASTERS have been screwing all of us. WAKE THE HELL UP! 

Ron Paul is the only candidate in this jackass race that has the record, not the rhetoric, to begin to restore our republic before it dissolves into the despotism that usually follows a crumbled empire.

Most of you fully deserve to suffer horribly for your apathy.

(This comment was taken down several times by the newswhores.)

March 7, 2008

A readers view(2nd Amendment limited to 1791 technology)

The Founders wrote the 2nd Amendment because they knew we'd always have creatures like "Liberals" whose flesh deserves to be 'rended' for their evil. They also knew we'd always have sheeple("Liberals?") like Luedeman who will vote evil into power.  

When guns are outlawed, "'Liberal" season must begin.  


March 6, 2008

Buy a Gun

Do you know where your local black-suited Nazis live? Do you know where your local statist politicians live? Do you know where your local hard corps "Liberal" freaks, who will elect someone to hire someone to break down your door and kill you and your family for not 'complying,’ live?

The siege mentality is death. Hoping 'maybe they won't come for us tonight, but pick on someone else' is slavery waiting for death.

Wasting your time on discussions like this:  


is slavery waiting for death.

March 2, 2008

Barnstorming Obama plans to pick Republicans for cabinet

Comments from most sides on this page reinforce what I already knew: the empire's days are numbered.

McCommie is evil: http://www.gunowners.org/mccaintb.htm 

Obamacommie is, well, a commie, who will kiss the power elites' rear ends and pass a few socialist executive orders to soothe his braindead constituency. He may very well be the next anti-Christ figure, though he hasn't shown proof yet that he's smart enough for that role. He may actually believe his meaningless rhetoric.

It’s the record, not the rhetoric that matters. That’s why I’ll still vote for Ron Paul in our Kentucky primary, and write him in this fall if he doesn’t win. Yes, it’s still a long way to the Republican Convention, even for McCommie.

I see Amerika going down the same road as Britain. Though there are many of us who will not turn in our weapons when told to, and who will not tolerate many more bricks stacked onto the wall being built to enslave us. I smell “Liberal” season in the air. 


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