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 Kentucky Wildflowers

 Wildflowers of Western Kentucky

 Wildflowers of Eastern Kentucky

 Wild About Wildflowers  

 Alternative Nature Online Herbal

The Law and Photography - Can you take that photo?

Photography and art law

The photographer's right

Photography is not a crime

Can the cops demand to take your photo?

Is your government or civilian employer blocking certain websites?

How to beat the censors:

For those concerned about the environment:

Immigration by the Numbers

Immigration: linger, loiter, dawdle and fumble and see what happens

Freedom 21

Sovereignty International

Range Magazine

Minnesotans for global warming

The Nature of Sustainable Development

Stop the North American Union

The blonde who returned the scarf - a must read

The Great Global Warming Swindle

The Great Global Warming Swindle - Channel 4

The Great Global Warming Swindle - actual video

Warming scaremongers lap up the cash

The deceit behind global warming

The great global warming debate

Inhofe slams DiCaprio and Laurie David

Global warming and gun control

Weather Channel founder: Warming 'greatest scam in history'

Al Gore's 'nine Inconvenient Untruths'(British judge rules Gore's a liar. If a Brit judge can see it why can't millions of stupid Amerikans?)

Global Warming propaganda is really about the money

Gore trying to ignore ruling by British judge(While his lackeys attack the parents who brought the suit)

Brits call algore 'precious' and it's not a compliment(And he gets £3,300-per-minute to be that way)

Skeptical Climate Scientists Shunned At UN Bali Meeting

Now the Pope gets it on GW propaganda

Over 100 Prominent Scientists Challenge UN Move For Global Carbon Tax

Hundreds of scientists reject global warming

Has global warming stopped?

'Polars bears on the brink? Don't you believe it'

Eco commies consider turning to violence to further their goals

Br-r-r! Where did global warming go?


Survey shows eco-warriors are worst polluters


Aussie eco-commie calls for totalitarianism to 'save the earth'

Russian scientist says Earth could soon face new Ice Age

Cold - a death blow to empire

Global warming blizzards strike Britain

Gore's stranded bears not stranded after all

Shysters making mega bucks from 'carbon credits' trading

The Mysterious Origin and Supply of Oil

Defusing the population bomb

Discovery backs theory oil not 'fossil fuel'

Skeptical Global Warming Scientists To Challenge "Consensus"

Nuclear waste: not a problem

Environmentalism Is Recycled Communism and Nazism

"Ecopsychology" latest nutbar gimmick

Too much ice around Greenland leads to starving bears

Global Cooling: Amazing pictures of countries joining Britain in the big freeze

Massive Oil Deposit Could Increase US reserves by 10x

NY Climate Conference: Journey to the Center of Warming Sanity

Gore Invests $35 Million for Hedge Funds With EBay Billionaire

One in three Alberta earth scientists and engineers believe the culprit behind climate change has been identified

Researcher: Basic Greenhouse Equations "Totally Wrong"

Where our oil comes from?

Southern Baptists fall for GW propaganda

Climate dissent grows hotter as chill deepens


Hey Al, where's the beef, where's the warming?

Weather Channel Founder: Sue Al Gore for Fraud

Weather channel founder's comments on global warming

Who gets rich off $3 gas - who doesn't

How winter 07-08 rated

Big Corn and Ethanol Hoax

NASA's Hansen Calls for No Coal by 2030

Anything that grows 'can convert into oil'

Shell exec says world not running out of oil

ABC Smears Scientist For Questioning Global Warming "Consensus"

Cuba invites bids to develop oil reserves 45 miles off the coast of South Florida

Massive volcano beneath Antarctic ice

Perhaps the climate change models are wrong

The Real Reason for High Gas Prices

Brit nutbars want 15 mph speed limits in 'eco towns'

Climate facts to warm to

Independent truckers planning shutdown

Wal-Mart cancels 45 superstore projects

Geologist: Sun’s shift could mean global chill

Scientist: Forget Global Warming, Prepare for New Ice Age

Propaganda-driven kids attack think tank

'Sustainable development': Freedom's foe

Commiefornia's fuel taxes roadblock alternatives to gas

Aussie nutbar wants to change the color of the sky

31,000 scientists reject 'global warming' agenda

Global warming petition project

How agriprocessors help illegal immigrants sneak in

Alaskans to sue to block polar bear listing

George Soros: rocketing oil price is a bubble

Energy fears looming, new survivalists prepare

Next oil war coming: Oil crisis triggers fevered scramble for the world's seabed

Mexico running out of oil

Germany in call for ban on oil speculation

Brit eco-commie wants to ban domestic flights through taxation

Local weatherman rips 'global warming'

Cold Irony: Arctic Sea Ice Traps Climate Tour Icebreaker

Carbon Chastity - The First Commandment of the Church of the Environment

May's global temperatures plummet

Warming bureaucrats fly to climate summit

$45 trillion needed to combat warming

Beach bonfires may be banned by GW nutbars

Scientists Seek Vaccine for Livestock Flatulence

Oil reserves will last decades

Oil shortage a myth, says industry insider

Biggest oil find in U.S. history

Obamacommie doesn't mind us paying $4 a gallon for gas

The eco-commie war on the automobile

Scientists find bugs that eat waste and excrete petrol

Iran's Ahmadinejad says oil price artificial

algore 'greened' his home and energy use went up 10%

Weatherman says GW alarmists getting rich while he can find only one weatherman who agrees with GW propagandists

The Earth Charter and the Ark of the Gaia Covenant

Now the nutbars blame plasma and LCD TVs for GW BS


No evidence man-made C02 causes climate change


First case of 'climate change delusion' affects teen aussie

Reducing cow burping 'is key to tackling climate change'

Glaciers on California's Mt. Shasta keep growing

Now nutbars say less pollution is causing warming

Say Good-Bye To Global Warming And Hello To Global Cooling!

Inhofe: EPA too powerful, could damage economy

Glass Particles in the Sky Studied As 'Global Warming' Fix

Global Warming Led to ‘Black Hawk Down,’ nutnar Congressman Says

Global warming may increase kidney stones: nutbar researchers

Proved: There is no climate crisis

The sunspot cycle

Global Warming Enforcement: The New Segregation

Greens are the enemies of liberty

Scientist: Move Species to Save Them From Climate Change

Get ready for the EPA Nazis to barge into your life

Chemical breakthrough turns sawdust into biofuel

Climate propagandists calling kettle black

Green Issues a Tough Sale at the Newsstand

Hey kids! Be a “Climate Cop” - rat on your family, friends, and classmates

Critical Mass riders injure driver in Capitol Hill altercation

Old British Captains’ logs yield climate clues

Penn and Teller on 'being green'

Pelosi: Save the planet, let someone else drill

Big Oil's biggest quarter ever: $51.5B in all


Nutbars send death threats to boy for killing a pig


Poll shows GW propaganda not working so well now


Pelosi heavily invested in natural gas(not the kind that flows out of her mouth)


Bones and flowers in the Sahara(don't miss the comments)


Researcher: prepare for little ice age

Sun Makes History: First Spotless Month in a Century

The Depopulation of Planet Earth

The great pacific garbage patch(And so many eco-commies with so little to do)

Eco-commie wants to energy tax you off the net

Brit Jury lets ecocommies destroy property in the name of GW

Spotless sun will mean a cooling Earth

Meat must be rationed to four portions a week, says report on climate change

More Than 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims

Thirty years of warmer temperatures go poof

Scientists abandon global warming 'lie'

Irish Environment minister Sammy Wilson: I still think man-made climate change is a con

EU's new figurehead believes climate change is a myth

Aussie bushfire arsonist Brendan Sokaluk worships mother earth on spooky MySpace page

Aussie householders to be charged for each toilet flush


For those who like History and Liberty:

An African-American Icon Speaks Truth to the Lincoln Cult

Textbook: Islamic 'jihad' means doing good works

The communist dupe we celebrate above Washington

Republican Party: Red from the start

How Americans Have Been Misled about World War II

Making saints of monsters

A must-see video - The Money Masters

Unbrainwash Yourself

Guns are in our blood?

Going the way of Rome

My YouTube 'favorites'

Why you NEVER talk to the cops

A Warning for America from South Africa

Fanatical Yankee utopians

What Zimbabwe farmers got for tolerating "Liberal"ism

Globalist nutbars finally admit AIDs no danger to heterosexuals

NEA Teachers Have Become Re-Educators

"Intergroup Dialogue" - The Latest Indoctrination Catchphrase

Henry Lamb on the origin of 'zoning' tyranny

Waco: The Rules of Engagement(find out how murderous federal employees can be)

We're all Pavlov's dogs

A must read: The Molding Of The American Character

Stalin's new status in Russia

The Lincoln Gambit

One Giant Rez

Hamilton's Curse and the Death of the Dollar Standard

DiLorenzo Is Right About Lincoln

Wage and Price Controls in the Ancient World

The Militia: In History and Today

Communism & NWO: Wall Street's Utopian Hoax


San Francisco has almost hit rock bottom

Amerika turning more blue than red?(On, blue means patriotic or 'conservative' while red means communist. There's a reason the mainstream newswhores get that backwards.)

Online news/research/activist sites:

Above Top Secret

Americans for Legal Immigration

Ax the Tax

Break the Matrix

CNS News

DISCOVERTHENETWORKS.ORG - A guide to the political left(The Amerikan Communist Insurgency)

Downsize DC

Ether Zone

Freedom's Phoenix

Gatewood Live(a Kentucky website)


Gun Owners of America

Homeland Stupidity

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Keep and Bear Arms

Lew Rockwell


Minding the Campus


News with Views

Nolan Chart

On The Issues: Every Political Leader on Every Issue

Prison Planet


Ready on the Right

Right Nation

Ross Perot is at it again

Shadow Government Statistics

Strike the Root

Surfing the Apocalypse

Take Back Kentucky

The Brussels Journal

The Debt to the Penny and Who Holds It

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

The New American - Uniting the Third Party Movement

USA Tomorrow

U.S. National Debt Clock

War in Iraq Costs

World Net Daily

Contact your elected public servants:

U.S. Senators

U.S. Representatives

Kentucky Legislature

Congress Commies lie and call themselves 'progressives'
Why do we allow them to get away with open treason? They should all be arrested, tried for treason and executed for trying to overthrow our form of government.

Yes, Amerika has political prisoners


Americans firing on government employees.
How much longer till this becomes necessary again?

Declaration of the Causes
and Necessity of taking up Arms


Save the Earth, turn environmentalists and “Liberals” into oil.(For more of my favorite quotes, go to my quotes page.)


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