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"Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns,
why should we let them have ideas?" - Josef Stalin

WNB May 2010

National Guardsmen refused to confiscate guns after Katrina

"We know that wholesale gun confiscation happened during Hurricane Katrina. We watched the Chief of Police of New Orleans declare on national television that “no one [no private citizen] will be able to be armed, we’re going to take all the weapons.” We watched an old lady being tackled in her own kitchen and disarmed."


We need many more like this one, who are willing to do what will be required.

‘Muslims-Only’ Enclave Thrives In Philadelphia

"Thanks to U.S. taxpayers, an Islamic enclave is being carved out of the heart of the City of Brotherly Love. And how generous have you been with your tax dollars? You just gave $1.6 billion for the privilege of turning over all this cash to the Islamic community."

Let's see how much brotherly love they show when they dominate the city council. The "Liberal" citiots there fully deserve that.

Feds move to throw pot smokers in prison for impaired driving

"If you smoked marijuana last week or even last month and you drive a car, you may be sent to prison under new guidelines drafted by the federal government."

"Lett mee zee vour paperzzzz..."

JPFO sends an open letter to Ted Nugent: "The day I'll join the NRA"

"When the NRA calls for the complete and unconditional disbanding of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE). Gun owners should be appalled at the NRA leadership’s incestuous “good cop/bad cop” dance with the BATFE. For decades there has been a symbiotic, and liberty threatening, “good ole’ boy” relationship between NRA and BATFE. They should instead be mortal enemies."

Well, that would be one good start. But I'm not holding my breath.

And the young commies continue their indoctrination...


And we let them vote... the commies that is, to be clear for the brain-dead.

Three members of Hutaree Militia released from jail, Gestapo fights to keep rest

"The three are among nine indicted members of a southern Michigan-based group called Hutaree. All are charged with conspiring to commit sedition, or rebellion, against the government and attempting to use weapons of mass destruction."

Which of course could apply to tens of thousands of people, maybe millions, in this country right now. Maybe they really do plan to fill up those concentration camps.

Are the well-paid and educated starting to wake up to the seriousness of our situation?


I responded to this video in length. It will help to watch this slightly overly long video before reading them. He makes a lot of good points but is still preaching to idiots. Or at least that's what I hope he's trying to do, wake them up.

My comments:

Depends on which civilian it is.

The commies will have them. We will have to kill them in large numbers. It's time to wake up to that fact.

Don't understand? Follow my links. Read the quotes page first. Then share and prepare for what will be required of those who claim to love Liberty.

The answer is you have it for the pieces of garbage who don't think you need it.

And they're not your 'friends.' They can't be your friends if they don't respect your most basic right or your Liberty. They will vote for garbage to send garbage to kill you for not going along with their evil.

It's way past time to wake up to these facts.

Don't understand? Follow my links. Read the quotes page first. Then read my columns.

If you're a 'gun guy' you're a hobbyist.

If you're a Liberty guy, you understand that a weapon of whatever kind is a tool that will be needed to destroy those who will never just throw up their hands and say "Oh sorry we bothered you, we're going home now to live in peace and Liberty with our neighbors."

We will have to kill many of them. That time is coming, and probably within this or the next generation. Or we and our descendants will be their mindless slaves.

I don't call sitting in jail after being railroaded there an 'imperfection.'

I don't call 17 dead children, murdered because the leaders of their 'cult' had not filled out proper tax forms, 'imperfection.’

I don't call countless seizures of personal property by money hungry cops 'imperfection.'

I don't call a communistic income tax that steals money from our checks before they even reach our hands 'imperfection.'

I don't call $700 bil. handed to banksters 'imperfection.'

I could go on.. 

Excuse me, I'll add to it.

If we have someone in prison who has been convicted of a violent crime and who has proven that they cannot be 'trusted' with a weapon, as easy as weapons of various kinds are to acquire in a 'free' society, then why are we letting that person out of prison?

Anyone else, not in prison, should have their full rights restored upon release, or not be released.  

When our greatest enemies, our domestic enemies, most of whom are white and were born here, are secular marxists, communists, and call themselves mostly “Liberals” and progressives, speak of those ‘who cannot be trusted with weapons’ they mean what they used to call ‘reactionaries,’ those who oppose their communist policies.  

Please sir, stop apologizing for and cowtowing to those creatures. We will have to kill them in large numbers to restore Liberty to this land. They don’t care if you live or die as long as they get their way. It’s time to wake up to these facts. 

Often when the early militias met it was an excuse to socialize and party.

Washington struggled to create a professional army throughout the revolution.

The militias often served a good purpose and helped win battles. Often they ran screaming like little girls, as any soldier can be prone to do without good leadership.

We need leaders now. Not one leader who can be cut off like the head of a snake, but small unit leaders, many, in many places.  

There's nothing wrong with political activism. But it must be done with proper resolve and proper knowledge. I have seen many who simply play the enemy's game and thus allow our domestic enemies, the 'traitors within our gates,' if they can be traitors to a system they hate, to win.  

Their mantra is "Three steps forward, two steps back." Thus they always gain something, while we lose.  

This trend must not only be reversed, but prevented from recurring ever again. 


And in reference to one comment above:


They need to change that sign on their cars to "To serve warrants and to steal"

Chuck says breakup of the empire is inevitable

"People all over America are discussing freedom’s future. In short, they are worried. In fact, many are actually talking about State secession. In coffee shops and cafes, and around dining room tables, millions of people are speaking favorably of states breaking away from the union. Not since the turn of the twentieth century have this many people thought (and spoken) this favorably about the prospect of a State (or group of states) exiting the union. In my mind, this is a good thing."

Attempted secession may well be what starts the shit storm, but that will not end it. They will not let states escape the empire now any more than they did 149 years ago.

We must do what the the Confederacy failed to do after the first battle of Manassas, or Bull Run as the Yankees called it. After they sent the Yankees home with their tails between their legs they should have not hesitated but advanced upon the District of Criminals, arrested the chief criminal and demanded an immediate recognition of the new nation.

When it starts it must be fought in the way our enemies will fight, with viciousness and without hesitation with clear goals in mind.

They will do what Lincoln did, force the poor and the ignorant into their armies, and kill by the millions, to enforce their will on all of us.

Kentucky commie rag says Rand Paul thumped Grayson

"Republican Rand Paul, a political phenomenon making his first bid for public office, rode a wave of support from the Tea Party movement into Kentucky's fall election, where Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway promises to turn back the small-government movement."

Thumped indeed. But what good will it ultimately do? Paul will likely be just one voice of reason in a Senate full of idiots and traitors. If he keeps the courage of his father.

The only question that matters is how far will the elites let the 'tea party' go before they introduce another OK City or 9/11 into the scenario to send all the fair-weather patriots home with their tails between their legs and cause the little sticky flags to pop up on cars and porches all over the empire as the still mostly brain dead sheeple retreat to blind patriotism once again.

Our enemies have been at this for a very long time. They know how to manipulate the game and the herd in their favor.

There's one less republicrat in the U.S. Senate

"Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter (D), a Senate fixture who switched parties a year ago, lost his bid for reelection Tuesday, while in Kentucky, ophthalmologist Rand Paul rode the anti-Washington energy of the "tea party" movement to an easy victory."

Spector's kind should have been ran out of the Republicrat party long ago. But then most don't know the republican party was the original 'party of big government,' formed under the tyrant Lincoln. See the next video.

A very confusing issue indeed.


An ancestor of mine who fought for the Union Army came from a slave-owning family. Be sure to watch the other two videos in this series. Click on the video above and bring up the YouTube page.

Email comment of the week from 'Top Speed':

With the November election only six months away, does American have the will to restore a constitutional form of government?  Are we a racist nation?  Was Obama right when he said, this is no longer a Christian nation? 

Let’s look at race first.  In the 2008 election, 43% of the whites voted for Obama while 95% of the blacks voted for him.  From this, you could easily conclude some of us are indeed racists. 

Using the 2008 numbers for reference, there were 131 millions votes cast.  The winner needed 66M for a majority and Obama wound up with 53% of the vote, or 70M votes. 

Had 61% of the whites opposed Obama, he would have lost to McCain, even if he received all the non-white votes.   

From a religious Christian vs. Islam standpoint, it’s a blowout.  In 2001, 77% were Christians and 13% Islam.  Even if you double the Islam registered voter number, from 2001, and add it to all the non-white groups that represent non-Christian principles and beliefs, Christians still own the election.  The 2008 numbers prove white Christians elected Obama.   

Christians own the November 2010 election too.  Once again we will get exactly what we vote for, just as we are now reaping what we sowed in November 2008.  

Government corruption is the #1 cause of economic recession, as the lack of confidence in law and order, results in the loss of jobs.  With the current administration, there is no rule-of-law. 

Don’t buy into their lies.  Vote along Christian constitutional, conservative lines.  America will be Blessed and will once again become a great country. 

Semper Fi,

He's come a long way from singing about squirrels...


cist nation?  Was Obama right when he said, this is no longer a Christian ________________________________________________________

Quote for the times

"Don’t be told something is impossible. There’s always a way." - Robert Rodriguez


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