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"It's well beyond rage."

June 21, 2008

D.C. Gun Crackdown Meets Community Resistance 

That's how things work in a "Liberal" created police state. The loss of faith in the 'just-us' system is also a sign of a sick and dying empire.  

When guns are outlawed, "Liberal" season must begin or we will become like England:  


June 21, 2008

'And every other terrible instrument' 

Some version of this needs to be our creed: 

Reasonable gun control is hitting 8 out of 10 "Liberals" you shoot at. Good gun control is hitting the "Liberal" you target. Excellent gun control is dropping it with only one shot. 

The kind of 'gun control' Amerika needs: "No child shall be allowed to graduate high school until he/she has demonstrated the ability to control a gun well enough to hit a running "Liberal" at 300 meters."

When my gun is pried from my cold, or hot, dead hands, I intend it to be by a younger, stouter, abler fighter who will continue to use it against those whose every breath is consumed by the relentless effort to destroy human Liberty.  


When guns are outlawed, "Liberal" season must begin or we will become like England: 


June 19, 2008

We are the ones(Video promoting Obamacommie) 

“The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point, however, is to change it” – Karl Marx(This is usually what political candidates mean by 'change.') 

So many young attractive brain-dead mal educated stupid people voting for the next demagogue whose meaningless rhetoric is considered more important than his authoritarian record. There really is nothing ‘new’ under the sun.  

Let Obamacommie get elected. Like all the demagogues before him he will do much damage to our Bill of Rights and to our republic. Like the Klintons he will keep the republicrats off the golf course, sell lots of guns and ammo, piss lots of people off and maybe revitalize the patriot and militia movements. McCommie is almost as evil but many millions of brain-dead republicrats are too stupid to see that.  

When you vote for the lesser of two evils long enough you eventually get more evil than you can handle. The German people had to learn that the hard way and the Amerikan people will one day as well. History shows this.  

Much more damage will have to be done before enough people wake up, get mad enough, to get off their asses and take our country back and restore Liberty. And that will probably require force, as the Founders had to force the English to leave us alone and force the loyalists among them to live in Liberty.  

"The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism." - Karl Marx 


We must recognize “Liberal” evil as the terminal national cancer it is or it will consume us as it has consumed England:  


June 18, 2008

PA: Militia member gets house arrest 

The 'militia' will continue to be maligned by the newswhores, infested with idiots and infiltrated by fed Nazis until the so-called best and brightest among the 'pro-gun' groups and other 'patriot' types step up to the plate and organize and form up and train and issue formal statements on what the militia is supposed to be and who 'militiamen' are and how they're supposed to act.  

Of course our enemies will attempt to infiltrate any such organization, either to weaken its resolve or to bring it down. 


June 16, 2008

An Illustrated Guide to Obama’s Gun-Grabbing 

Sonoffar asks the most appropriate question so far: "How many of you are willing to face your local National Guardsmen and offer your blood for the health of the tree of liberty." 

Unless we develop the resolve and the organization to kill the cops at the gun turn-in points and the lowlifes who wrote and voted for the law, and many of their constituents, notice this will involve more than waiting for the black-suited Nazis to 'come and take them,' which they will, then we are doomed to slavery, such as they suffer under in England:  


Molon labe my ass. What’s Latin for “We’re gonna’ kill you in your homes?” 

That’s exactly what they plan for us. Watch the film ‘Michael Collins’ for a peek at what will become necessary.  

I have no crystal ball and cannot know exactly what an Obamacommie administration will entail, though McCommie will not be much better. It will be better if Obamacommie wins because like the Klintons did he will piss lots of people off, wake lots of people up, sell lots of guns and ammo and maybe even revitalize the patriot and militia movements.  

When guns are outlawed “Liberal” season must begin or we will be their slaves. If we do not recognize “Liberal”ism(socialism, communism, fascism, authoritarianism) as the terminal cancer it is and treat it as such it will consume us, or what is left of us. 

"The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism." - Karl Marx 

For more quotes that show how evil our DOMESTIC ENEMIES are go here:


June 14, 2008

Rebuttal to Way Past Had Enough

Mike wrote:  

"Most of our patriots are like guys who just read the football rules handbook playing against a practiced better team, including me." 

Exactly, except I would stress 'young' patriots who have been indoctrinated in blind pacifism. 

How can such a simple concept be miss-understood by someone of your learning? When or where did I ever write or say we should stop being politically active and take up arms at this moment? Well, we would if we had a nation of brave Liberty loving men, or at least men who had a basic understanding of self government. But we don’t. Most of them are whores and have a slave mentality and thus deserve to be slaves.  

If I could get 3 million plus to go to DC tomorrow and arrest, try for treason and execute every member of the socialist caucus I would do so, but they are not there. They hide in front of their weaponvisions with their remotes in their hands, oblivious.  

We are forced to be ‘politically active’ because our enemies have been so successful at keeping the sheeple from understanding that the most basic right we possess is self defense, the right to fight back, to kill them when they overstep their bounds.  

The Founders erected a very good system, for a population that understands what that system is and how to use it and that understands its responsibilities within it. The modern population doesn’t understand and for the most part doesn’t want to.  

We are forced to be ‘politically active’ because at this point we will lose if the shooting starts because so many are so stupid as to vote for pieces of garbage as McCommie and Obamacommie. But if either of those evil creatures overstep their bounds far enough, aided or not by the Congress, we may be forced to begin shooting. This is a very simple concept and in no way says to anyone they should stop being politically active.  

‘Political activity’ includes all the efforts, from handing out a Ron Paul flyer to recruiting for what may/will become necessary. The fact that so many cannot understand that shows that this new movement may be being built on sand. I cannot know this for sure but I do know I’ve encountered Ron Paul supporters who will go vote for Obama this fall because they think he’s a viable choice and because they were only in support of Paul because they were conditioned by the mainstream and some alternative news media to be ‘anti-war.’  

Our enemies are not going to give up without a blood fight. They have invested too much time and money into turning this land/world into their plaything. Only if we convince or show them that continuing on their present course is unprofitable, by whatever means, will they surrender.

Let me reiterate:

It’s way past time to start considering what we will do when they try to make us like England:


The operative word ‘when’ is to be noticed.  

I post this same general statement wherever I can. When/if they tell us to turn our guns in the time for talk and ‘peaceful political action’ will be over. It will be time to kill the cops at the gun turn in points, the elected public servants who wrote and voted for the ‘law’ and as many of their supporters as necessary to secure/restore Liberty.  

As I am not Rambo I do not expect to live through the first firefight, but I will not exist under their evil thumbs. If we let them take us past that point we deserve what they do to us.  

If someone of your education cannot understand these simple concepts then the latest ‘Paulbots’ will not as well and they are all wasting their time.  

And from my understanding of history the American Revolution started in some ways decades before, as did the Second American Revolution, the one the bad guys won. The south was forming and training its militias years before Lincoln was elected because many sensed what was coming.  

We are woefully unprepared if the storm should come upon us in the near future. Any who do not understand how quickly it could come and what our response should be desperately need to be ‘educated.’

Good riddance. One less "Liberal" newswhore in the world is a good thing.  

If only they'd all volunteer to decrease the global population.  

But being the arrogant Marxists most of them are they think they have to hang around in order to tell the rest of us how to exist.

(Of course the "Liberal" lowlifes at the Communist News Network won't post this recognition of how evil Russert was and how evil most of them are. Let me be clear: I view him as the domestic ENEMY TO LIBERTY that he was.)

June 13, 2008

Gun Control Group Braces for Court Loss

Many good points have already been made but I see the most critical ones missing:  

These authoritarian liars are clearly not giving up the fight. Regardless of what the SCOTUS does our domestic ENEMIES will never stop trying to shove their authoritarianism down our throats until they lack the oxygen and blood flow necessary to do so.  

A retired cop below said he would kill anyone who came to take his guns. Why would anyone in a state of war wait for the enemy to come to them? A siege mentality is what they want us to have. They will pick us off one by one or small group by small group. Our enemies will not change their policies until they fear us, in their own homes, as they try to make us do them. 

We must begin to organize NOW. We must not let the next ‘Murrah building collapse,” or 9/11 deter us or cause us to tuck our tails and go home as many have done in the past. We MUST prepare for “Liberal” season NOW.  

We MUST NOT allow amerika to become like England:  


When guns are outlawed “Liberal”(authoritarian) season MUST begin.

June 12, 2008


Isn't it a good thing sir, that when the Founders bequeathed to us what we have left of Liberty that they didn't think like you or like the average amerikan today? 

Most of them had families, and property, and many lost all. We will all lose much if we continue down this path, whether we fight back or not, politically or otherwise. But I would rather die on my feet than on my knees.  

I don't have children, but if I did I would be 10,000 times as angry for I see what these creatures are doing to their future. Future generations will curse us, if they are smart enough, for not doing what we could while we could for as Churchill warned there will come a time when your back is against the wall and you will have no chance. 

Please think on this:  


June 12, 2008

America is being governed in accordance with laws created by people who thought the Earth was flat? 

I have my weapons and ammo because there are evil people like George Robinson in the world and because we will not let America become like England:  


When guns are outlawed "Liberal" season will begin here, as it should have there. But now you are slaves and fully deserve what your authoritarians are doing to you.

June 11, 2008

Paul supporters stopped cold during noisy state GOP convention

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. - John F. Kennedy, In a speech at the White House, 1962 35th president of US 1961-1963 (1917 - 1963)

There’s nothing surprising about what happened considering the arrogance of the GOP state and national leadership and the ignorance of the party faithful.

Any nation that would keep electing the ‘lesser of two evils” until we have the choices left to us this fall fully deserves the outcomes.

While Obamacommie is a NWO hack of a different color I would prefer him to McCommie simply because he, like Klinton, will keep many republicrats off the golf course, sell lots of guns and ammo, and maybe revitalize the patriot and militia movements. Hell, he might even give us the final reason for starting "Liberal" season.

This is all I need to know about McCommie:


This year’s farce may well produce an outcome such as this:


It’s way past time to start considering what we will do when they try to make us like England:


I for one will not sit home and wait for them to come and get me.

June 11, 2008

Obama wrong on guns

Obamacommie is evil, and sold out to the NWO, but so is McCommie:


The Amerikan sheeple fully deserve what they're voting into the white house. I'd prefer Obamacommie because like the Klintons he'll keep some of the republicrats off the golf course, sell lots of guns and ammo, and maybe revitalize the patriot and militia movements. Hell, he might even give us the final reason for starting "Liberal" season.

Whatever happens, when guns are outlawed, "Liberal" season must begin or we will become like England:


As for what Jesus had to say about self defense, go here:


June 11, 2008

The Bilderberg "Blackout" 

Isn't it possible that the 'fortunate' among us who are raised in that environment, of the global elites:

a. Aren't 'educated' like the rest of us.

b. Don't think like the rest of us.

c. Don't view themselves as being like us, the great unwashed masses, the rabble.

d. That when new inductees are made into their order, i.e. Bill Gates, because they've 'made it,' into the billionaires' club or the butt kissing politicians' club that they're informed of what the rules are and not to break them.

e. That they could be wrong, if indeed some of them are 'well intentioned', when they try to destroy our property rights; train us instead of educate us; try to destroy our knowledge of history and respect for the form of govt. we're supposed to have here, a republic, not a 'democracy;'  try to pacify the sheeple by keeping them ignorant of their natural born most basic right to self defense, the right to fight back against tyrants and criminals; when they use 'global warming' as a propaganda tool in another money making scheme i.e. 'carbon credits' by which they will further control all we do and own; keep us divided in ignorance by the 'left/right' paradigm, while true on one level on another level is a construct they have long used to keep the more 'politically aware' among the sheeple distracted while the man behind the curtain pulls the strings on both parties?

Regardless of what the elites plan for us we must not allow them and their useful idiots to make us like England:  


June 6, 2008

Guest column: Stop real lead poisoning by banning bullets 

I have my weapons and the ammo they use because there are creatures like Chamberlin in the world.  

When I'm told to turn my bullets in I'll gladly let him have one or two. We will not become like England: http://www.willowtown.com/

June 6, 2008

Tools in the shed

I can't believe many 'patriots' don't already realize this. Yes it may amount to only one or a handful of people like me getting arrested for writing that "If we're not fighting for the right to fight back, what are we fighting for?" or "When guns are outlawed, "Liberal" season must/will begin,” which I do all the time. 

When they succeed in scaring us back into the ‘crime argument’ for the 2nd Amendment, which they will find a way to win, by saying ‘self-defense(our most basic right) is no reason to own a gun,” because after all, “No one has the right to shoot legally elected, hired or appointed government employees,” they will have us right where they want us and soon we will be like England:  


On the day one of these people or groups are arrested and sent off to wherever or convicted, we must begin killing our authoritarian types, regardless of what label they hide behind. If you don’t think so you are not prepared for what is coming and not willing to kill for your Liberty and thus don’t deserve it.

June 6, 2008

Why are Brit police using surveillance on journalists? 

First of all: What exactly is a bona-fide journalist? 

I can’t speak for the police state Britain has become but here in Amerika we still have a semblance of the First Amendment which says nothing about a ‘press pass.’ We all have ‘freedom of speech and of the press.’  

Secondly, any ‘photo-journalist’ at a public event complaining about having his picture taken is like the pot calling the kettle black.  

Here in Amerika we’d be better off if some of our communist news media were treated as the enemies of freedom they are. From what’s happened in England over the last few decades they obviously have the same problems. The biggest enemies of Liberty and the most ardent lovers of big government inhabit the realm of newswhoredom.  

Besides, the cops can go to the newspapers and websites and gather mug shots anytime they want.  

Here in Amerika we need to do everything we can to keep from becoming like England:  


June 5, 2008

The Promise of Change

Is this an example of our nation's young best and brightest? If so this country has no future. Liberty certainly has no future if this editorial represents the 'thinking' of our future leaders. But no, the students of 'hahvad' are obviously just as dumbed-down and indoctrinated as the many of the rest, no matter what college they attend or factory they work in. Obamacommie will be good for Amerika, for like Klinton he will piss lots of people off, wake lots of people up and sell many guns and millions of rounds of ammo. Hell, he may even revitalize the patriot and militia movements.  

And to Zach above, if they tell us to turn our guns in, with or without a Second Amendment, we'd better open "Liberal" season or we will become like England: 


June 5, 2008

Obama hates my Grandfather

Great video Eric. But one question: Do you have ammo for that gun? You're probably gonna need it. When guns are outlawed "Liberal" season must begin or we will become like England:  


Since Youtube doesn't allow the posting of urls and makes posting incomplete ones hard just go to my homepage above, scroll right, click on my 'Blacksburg' page and then in the contents click on 'British Insanity.'  Continued…. 

Continued….The Brits stupidly turned their guns in to the govt. instead of killing the freaks who moved to disarm them, now they live in a police state. There is no limit to our domestic ENEMIES’ insanity/evil. They will make us like England if we do not get in their face, tell them “No, HELL NO!” and use the force necessary to back our statement up.

June 3, 2008

Cactus Cuties New National Anthem at NBA Playoff game

Great job girls. You may have futures as singers. But have they told you in school that we're really not the 'land of the free' anymore?  

Compare our govt. to this:  



June 3, 2008

Paper: I Know, Let’s Compromise Our Rights Away!

We must begin to treat "Liberal"ism as the terminal societal cancer that it is or this country will become like England and thus die: 


When guns are outlawed, “Liberal” season begins. There’s one down every street. It will be a target rich environment.

June 3, 2008

Second Amendment is not about weapons, but about basic right of self-defense 

One lowlife above wrote:  

“Don't know about you, but no 'Redcoats' have marched down my street in quite a while. Where are they?” 

We don't need redcoats. We have "Liberals." The Amerikan Communist Insurgency, and the idiots who vote for them so they can get a check or a job are the primary reason I have my weapons and plan to use them when those evil creatures tell me to turn them in as was done in England: 


We must begin to treat "Liberal"ism as the terminal cancer it is or this county will become like England, and thus die. We will eventually have to make enough of them die to take our country back and re-establish Liberty. 

When guns are outlawed, “Liberal” season begins. There’s one down every street. It will be a target rich environment.

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