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The "Great Commonwealth of Kentucky" Ron Paul 2008 Meetup

Kentucky State Convention Process

Win your precinct for Ron Paul

Official call Republican Party of Kentucky state convention

Republican Party of Kentucky official rules

KY 4 Ron Paul - Live!

The Campbellsville Ron Paul 2008 Meetup Group

Come to Kentucky to Support Ron Paul Feb. 12

Pictures of Ron Paul at the Gun Rights Policy Conference, Kenton County, Kentucky

Ron Paul's Realtime Donation Graphs and Statistics for Q4

Estimating Ron Paul's Support

Zogby: Ron Paul Will Surprise You

We're all eccentric bordering on bonkers(And how the hookers got to the press conference)

Ron Paul will win by a landslide

Ron Paul on Meet the Press part 1

Ron Paul on Meet the Press part 2

Ron Paul on Meet the Press part 3

Ron Paul on Meet the Press part 4

Ron Paul after Meet the Press, meeting with supporters

Are the globalists out to get Ron Paul?

John Stossel Interviews Ron Paul - Part 1 (ABC News)

John Stossel Interviews Ron Paul - Part 2(ABC News)

John Stossel Interviews Ron Paul - Part 3 (ABC News)

John Stossel Interviews Ron Paul - Part 4 (ABC News)

Ron Paul Moves Up Six Points in Iowa Poll

Commies argue over supporting Ron Paul(Read this for the comments, particularly the one concerning what Tim Russert has to lose, and don't miss the one for the 'hard corps democrats')

Now Ron Paul's a 'spoiler'(Funny how someone with his intelligence and integrity can't be just another candidate isn't it?)

Ron Paul: $20 million shows 'starvation' for his message

Video: Ron Paul - Bring on the Revolution

Ron Paul on 'democracy'

Ron Beats Rudy? - New Hampshire could surprise a lot of people.

Help keep the vote count honest in Iowa

Will vote fraud play a part in the primaries?

Ron Paul Reveres

Why the Counterculture Should Support Ron Paul

In Defense of Ron Paul, Part Two: Why Left-Libertarians Need Not Worry

Ron Paul Revolution - The Rebellion Of The Intelligent

Ron Paul indeed out-Foxed (for now)

Ron Paul not invited to Fox News forum

Ron Paul TV Special for Iowa - pt. 1

Ron Paul TV Special for Iowa - pt. 2

Iowa: The perfect outcome for Ron Paul

The Secret of Ron Paul's Success

Ron Paul kept off Larry King – perplexing?

Analysis Of The Iowa Caucus

Paul Finishes in Iowa Top Five, But No Room for Him on the “Debate Bus”

ABC Cuts 3 From Presidential Debate - not Ron Paul

Ron Paul shocker: No more 'anchor babies'(How can anyone in their right mind be against stopping 'anchor babies?')

Huckabee Described As 'Christian Socialist'

Ron Paul TV ad on immigration

Ron Paul dominated ABC debates

The media conspiracy against Ron Paul

Exposure Of Fox Pollster Betrays Media Slant Against Ron Paul

Old time communist rag begins attack on Ron Paul

Ron Paul - Vote Fraud Victim

Why Does The Establishment Hate Ron Paul?

Huckster takes heat for having CFR adviser

Huckster admits his affiliation with the CFR

McCain the "Animal House" Candidate

So You Think Ron Paul Can WIN? Think Again!

Ron Paul or the Abyss

Proof of voter fraud in the USA - from the horse's mouth

New Hampshire to Conduct Recount of Presidential Primary

Huckabee’s Elite Backers

Ron Paul revolution needs to reunite

Obama's Muslim connection

Ron Paul Limo

Ron Paul Earns Top Tier In Michigan

Ron Paul Beats Fred and Rudy in Michigan

Ron Paul, McCain tied for 2nd in Nevada

Ron Paul wins Florida Republican Debate, McCain stumbles on Economy

Gun Owners of America on John McCain

Ron Paul to Win the GOP in the Western States?(and how he could)

How the Rockefellers created Hitlery

Ron Paul supporters say change, not winning, is the point

Why does the US need more than 725 overseas bases?

Our economy's plunge protection team

Why Are Ron Paul's Supporters So Angry?

John McCain, the admiral's son, got special treatment in 'Nam

John McCain: The Manchurian Candidate

Republican Party: Red from the start

Ron Paul biggest GOP fundraiser last quarter

Ron Paul gets more military donations than the republicrat candidates

How the newswhores ignore Ron Paul and pick the candidates

McCommie to be 'swiftboated?'

From the Right, Both Acceptance and Distrust of McCain

Why Has Ron Paul All But Suspended His Presidential Campaign?

Neo-Cons Admit Ron Paul Has "Changed GOP Forever"

What's with all these clueless christians?

Hitlery ordered the final massacre at Waco

What the revolution should do now

Young black rapper with a clue

U.S. kingmakers triumph no matter who wins

Decline Hitlerycare? Suffer an 'outcome'

Republican Tea Party

ABC's John Stossel Interviews Ron Paul
(seems to be a different version of the same interview above, but on ABC's website)

Who is Barack Obamacommie?

Video: Hacking Democracy

Is the handwriting on the wall for Amerika?

Is your preacher a member of The "Black Regiment"

Che Guevara and the Obama Campaign

Obama’s Communist Mentor

Video: the Obamacommie cult and the NWO

A McCommie presidency would be far worse than Obamacommie

Ron Paul's idiot neo-con opponent

Conservatives should be careful what they wish for

Obamacommie supports the North  American Union agenda

Ron Paul on the Second Amendment battle in DC

Will they chip your monkey?

Is Obamacommie the messiah?

Vote fraud and the GOP convention delegates

Ron Paul's March 6 message to supporters

Spokesman: Ron Paul will end presidential run

"Dangerous and Exciting Times" - Ron Paul

Ron Paul on CNN - campaign not over

Ron Paul's Bowling Green Son Gives Campaign Update

Ron Paul Channel on Free Media Networks

You are the homegrown terrorist threat

Obamacommie's Pastor: God Damn America, U.S. to Blame for 9/11 

Why most voters shouldn't vote

Obamacommie's disturbing pattern

America and Rome : Compare

Is Obamacommie a marxist mole?(Mole or no mole, he's a marxist)

Obamacommie's Church: Gospel of Hate

Are you smart enough to be 'bitter?'

Obamacommie's wife wants a piece of your pie

Marxist billionaire says world economy is screwed

Obama linked to gun control efforts

No messiah need apply

Which terrorists support which Democratic presidential candidate?

Closing the 'Collapse Gap': the USSR was better prepared for collapse than the US

Commies trying to subvert the electoral college

With Obama, it's the communism stupid

Report: Obama mentored by Communist Party figure

Why Progressives Won the Presidency – They Had Better Slogans

Dear Barack Obama

McCommie wants to pay illegals' hospital bills

McCommie willing to consider 'assault weapons' ban

Spooks Promise Terror Attack For New President

Talking head obviously knows how evil Obamacommie is

Puppets of war - Hitlery, Obamacommie, McCommie - 3 stooges

A brief for whitey - Pat Buchanan questions Obamacommie

Tolstoy's Majority

Republicans gird for big losses in Congress

McCommie and Obamacommie should be on trial for their lives

Ron Paul announces end of his campaign and new website

Ron Paul's new website: Campaign for Liberty

Socialism, Marxism, Communism & Obama

The Obama File(Obamacommie's marxist upbringing, training and associations)

Jib Jab: Time for some campaignin'

These nutbars at the DNC in Denver must have missed the broadcast when Dan Rather reported that communism is dead

Poll: Convention lifts McCain over Obama

Devvy Kidd reports on the RNC, protests and Ron Paul event

Ron Paul turns down request to endorse McCommie

Sarah Palin's Answers: Very Troubling

Uniting the Third Party Movement

Idols and crowds

Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To

Hilarious: Obamazombies wander the streets after the election

The Marxist mutt revealed his intentions with 1998 survey answers

And the Marxist mutt revealed its evil again in 2003

Barack Obama: The Naked Emperor - just another tool of the elites

Yep, the Marxist mutt is owned by the Banksters

Why emulate Abe Lincoln?



What all "Liberals" truly desire:

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Some artwork just leaves you speechless.


Commie Che dead as all commies("Liberals") should be.


Commie Che poster in the Marxist mutt's Houston campaign office.
Can our situation be any more clear?

And we got a commie dictator.


It can't be the Marxist mutt.
It doesn't have a hammer and sickle on its chest.




Must see video on YouTube
Alan Keyes: Stop Obama or U.S. will cease to exist

"A human group transforms itself into a crowd when it suddenly responds to a suggestion rather than to reasoning, to an image rather than to an idea, to an affirmation rather than to proof, to the repetition of a phrase rather than to arguments, to prestige rather than to competence." -
Jean-Francois Revel

"The authoritarian sets up some book, or man, or tradition to establish the truth. The freethinker sets up reason and private judgment to discover the truth... It takes the highest courage to utter unpopular truths." -- Herbert Spencer (1820-1903) British author, economist, philosopher Source: Freedom and Its Fundamentals

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You may not agree with Dr. Paul on every point. I don’t. But we must get the federal monster under control or it will devour us. History shows this again, and again and again…

Paul is the only candidate with the courage and integrity to attempt and to begin what must be done.

politiks in amerika: the art of the manipulation of the stupid.

Willowtown Photography homepage