Willowtown Photography Fees and Reprint Prices 

Digital portrait prices 

For studio or outdoor photos - $30 per studio and/or outdoor session. Up to three outfits, at least one hour of time. If studio and outdoor shots are done on the same day and the location is within fifteen miles(including Green River Lake) of my studio there is no fee increase.   For distances greater than 15 miles there is a $60 travel fee. For over 30 miles a mileage fee would be applied.

Computer time for custom prints, at a $25 per hour rate, $10 minimum. :  Custom prints are photos that require special cropping, blemish removal, eye-glass artistic re-touching, or artistic digital work. Prices vary according to the amount of work required.  The photographer may do this work or refer it to the lab. 

2/3 payment is required at the time the order is placed please. 

Because of technology that allows for the easy copying of photographs I must require that all ordering be done in my presence or from my website. All sales are final.  

Digital non custom(not including computer time) color and digital black and white.

24 x 30s - $150 each
20 x 24s are $90 each
16 x 20s are $60 each
11 x 14s are $40 each
8 x 10s are $25 each
5 x 7s are $15 each 
4 x 5s are $15 each  
or 3 1/2 x 5s  are $15 each

Wallets non custom

4 8 $20
16 - $40
24 - $35
48 - $60 

Packages   does not include fees for blemish removal, eyeglass glare, etc.

four(4x5s), two(8x10s) = $80
one(8x10), two(5x7s) = $50
two(8x10s), three(5x7s) = $75
one(11x14), three(8x10s), four(5x7s) = $135

Commercial fees:

$25 an hour studio - $50 minimum

$30 an hour location work. - $60 minimum within 30 miles of my studio. Mileage rates $.29 per mile. 

Willowtown Photography phone: 270.469.3486

Mailing address: PO Box 44 Lebanon, Kentucky 40003

email: bbright "at" willowtown.com (insert @ in place of "at")